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Download Tab

Download Tab

Why did they remove the download tab from your library screen!! It’s a pain in the **bleep** to find your downloaded music now. 

25 Replies

I agree entirely. I want to quickly find downloaded music so that I can listen when I have no connectivity but now searching for it is way harder; please put it back!

I made a post about this yesterday. I’m furious. This has been screwing me up for the past 2 days. If they don’t fix this, I’m cancelling. 

It's obvious that Spotify don't know anything about designing user friendly UI:s. I'm really pissed about the removal of the Download folder. Why Spoitfy?! Why?


The Spotify app needs to be rewritten from scratch.

I have the same issue. Please fix this ASAP.



same Problem, Plz put back the „Download“ Folder!!! If not, im Cancel Spotify

I chatted with support today. They told me they removed it on purpose. Wow! How does that make any sense?


Yes, you can download a playlist and find it quickly. 


But how about the fact that I have a ton of full albums downloaded? Having a section specifically to view all the Downloads makes SENSE. How could they think it needed to be removed?


i just signed up for 3 month trial of Apple Music. Spotify has some time to fix it. But if not, I’m gone. Not that Spotify will care obviously. 

I chatted with the online support about this issue as well and it provided no information. In fact, the person on chat suggested that I go through all 600-700 playlists, and add those downloaded songs to one singular playlist and use that. So, to recap, they want me to waste an hour to create a giant playlist of random songs.


The removal of the downloads view was one of the dumbest things I've ever seen from this company. The only thing possibly more stupid is that they still haven't implemented multifactor authentication.


At this point, I may just switch over to Apple Music because I'm tired of all these little things popping up that make using the service more and more difficult.

Wow... if it is true that the Download tab was removed on purpose (without removing the download functionality), this is an absurd change that seems to only inconvenience the end-user. I would appreciate some official comment on this, but I am not holding my breath, bearing in mind the (lack of) patch notes Spotify likes so much. Apple Music trial for me as well.


Removed deliberately??  Apple Music, here I come...

I think my major frustration over this is the lack of ability to see albums I have fully downloaded - which the previous download tab allowed.


Whilst I can go to albums and filter by Download, this presents around 40-50 that have only 1-2 songs due to inclusion in a playlist, making it a pain to find the few full albums I have deliberately taken offline to listen to.


I really don't understand the thinking behind this move - given the filter on the album/artist/song already existed and you could therefore look for things by that method, this is quite literally nothing more than a step backwards, not a change of function. The wholesale removal of a tab for no good reason really doesn't bode well for this platform (especially considering it's thoughts about floatation as a company...)

Honestly, this was a pretty idiotic move on their part. I used the download tab daily, even when I wasn't offline, just for the sake of having my top favorite albums quickly accessible. Now having to go through all the albums i've listened to just to find them? Annoying. Hope they add it back.


I don't have a lot of memory on my phone, so it's essential to have the Downloads section in order to know how much I have downloaded and effectively manage my memory.


Spotify, please put it back! 

such an annoying and stupid change. Spotify give me my download folder back or I'm cancelling 

They've aligned it to Android. Go to your library and either playlists or albums. At the top of the list pull down, this reveals a search and a menu option. You can filter to show just downloads.


This is clearly terrible UX and terrible customer communication, and I mean that professionally as a lead UX Designer in a major organisation. The way Spotify treats its customers is clearly out of step with how paying customers expect to be treated, and they deserve to loose customers.


Sadly, the other options are just as bad. Apple Music is **bleep**, Pandora nonlonger operates here in Australia, and the less said about Tidal the better.

I bought an iPhone with giant storage capacity for this exact reason. I’m not going to jump through hoops to see what I have downloaded. Streaming takes up unnecessary amounts battery life and data. 


Im going to give them until their next update. If it’s not back by then, I’m cancelling. 

Thank you for the info about the search filter! That helps a lot. Still STUPID to remove the download section. I'm convinced it was an accident or inadvertant. There's just no logical reason to get rid of something that is clearly very useful to a lot of people. Still scratching my head over this. 

Me too, the download tab was the one I used the most. And this easy access for offline music was the main reason why I choose to subscribe to Spotify..

Thinking now to cancel the subscription and to switch to another platform.

Spotify probably removed this very useful option because it was buggy.

My downloaded library was probably wiped out 5 or 6 times before they deleted this feature altogether.

After being a loyal customer for about 2 years, I am considering switching to Apple Music or Google Play Music because it seems like Spotify keeps removing good feature from paying members ... I do remember when they removed the feature where you could put your finger over an album and listen briefly to the song, so you could have an idea of what the album/song was all about.

They are definitely NOT improving the user experience.

Needless to say that they can never increase your 2000 song library capacity...

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