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Downloaded music deleted?

Downloaded music deleted?

I've been dealing with an issue where my music that I've downloaded (roughly 14.2gb) is deleted every couple of weeks, sometimes every other. Then I have to go through the lengthy process of redownloading all my music. The music from my playlists that I've downloaded stays on the device, but the rest of my music has to be redownloaded. I'm not sure why this is happening, and I'm very frustrated. I have the premium plan from the Starbucks Partner program, and I'm using an iPhone SE that is currently on the latest version of iOS

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I think spotify has a problem after it reaches a certain amount of downloads/downloaded space. Its different for everyone depending on their device etc, but I think the application itself has a limit. It is not advertised what the limit is and I'm curious as to what the max amount of downloaded songs is. I have this problem too and I'm trying to figure out how to fix it.

I'd appreciate it if Spotify would confirm or deny this, or if this is a bug. It's rather annoying. 

I've been having the exact same issue (any albums downloaded offline are deleted, but playlists aren't) and it's become even more frequent recently.  It's super frustrating, especially when it happens when I'm away from the internet.

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