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Downloaded song plays on iPhone app but does not show up in "Songs"

Downloaded song plays on iPhone app but does not show up in "Songs"






(iPhone SE)

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(iOS 12.1.4)


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I recently saved a song called Bye Bye Yesterday by Fabien Ducommun to "Songs" within my library. I have a Premium account so when I save songs, they download automatically and I can listen to them offline. On my iPhone Spotify app, I noticed that I cannot see the song at all in "Songs", though it still plays and I can listen to it. However, since I cannot select that song by itself when I scroll to where it should be, I have to scroll to the previous song (my songs are ordered alphabetically), and click the right forward arrow to listen to it. Since my songs are ordered alphabetically, I noticed that this problem happens elsewhere as well with the last song of many letters in the alphabet. In this particular case, it occurs in the transition from songs starting with "B" to songs that start with "C", meaning that "Bye Bye Yesterday", the song which does not show up, is supposed to be the last song within the "B" section when my songs are ordered alphabetically. 


I tried deleting the song and re-downloading it but that didn't fix the problem. In addition, when I deleted the song, I could no longer see the previous song "Bye Bye Bye" by NSYNC so the same problem occurred. All the songs show up normally on the app on my macOS High Sierra (Version 10.13.6). I initially thought it was a syncing issue, so I looked at the other threads and tried logging out and back in, going offline and back online, restarting both my mac and iPhone device, etc. The only thing I have not tried is doing a complete reinstallation of the app on my iPhone since I don't want to have to re-download all my songs since I have over 2000 in case there is an easier fix. In addition, if I uninstall and reinstall the app, will my mac app remain the same and will I be able to see which songs I had previously downloaded?


I have attached 3 screenshots. The one from my mac app shows the song normally within "Songs" in my library. The one from my iPhone app shows that the song is missing (it's not even greyed out, it's just not there period). And finally, the last screenshot of the song itself when it is playing shows that my iphone app still plays the song and shows the song when it is playing, but does not show it within the actual "Songs" playlist. PLEASE HELP if you can. THANK YOU! 

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