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Downloads tab has disappeared


Downloads tab has disappeared

I predominantly listen to Spotify on my iPad, more often than not without internet connection. I have therefore downloaded a fair amount of music onto this device. All of my downloaded music was, up until now, very easy to find under the Downloads tab, found under the Your Music tab, along with Playlists, Songs, Albums and so on. The Downloads tab has subsequently disappeared and there is no easy way now to access my music offline. The same has happened on my windows phone. Please can you indicate when the tab will reappear.


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I agree and have done exactly that - cancelled my premium Spotify subscription and gone back to Apple Music and am enjoying the experience (and the downloads tab)!

Same problem. Ridiculous. BRING THE TAB BACK. I’ll give them 7 days, then i’ll cancel my premium account. 

Agreed!!!! Please bring this back! I relied on the downloads tab and now that it's gone my only option is to scroll through Verizon cumbersome lists as earlier stated. I am honestly reconsidering my premium purchase solely for this reason.

No, this is not solved. When I do this, the list is still showing songs/albums I didn't download. Also, I want to shuffle songs, it'll get stuck on a song that's not been downloaded.

Bring. Back. The. Download. Tab.

Honestly Spotify, please please PLEASE change it so the Downloads tab is there again - it's incredibly annoying and frustrating trying to find my music without it. What a strange decision to get rid of it... It's one of the most important features of the app!

I am very displeased that the downloads tab has been removed. It makes it very cumbersome to find my downloads because I have to sift through ALL my albums. I cannot help but feel like this is a ploy to confuse people in hopes they will A) be exposed to music specifically promoted by Spotify and B) choose to stream something instead of playing previously download content in hopes that users will incur data charges through their carriers as well as passively listen so AGAIN Spotify can promote music they want you to listen to. BOO!

Go to ‘my music’ then ‘albums’ then in the menu you will find the filter tab, tick downloads and voila. It’s still there. P.S. I use the Spotify app on iPad . 

It’s not about the filters, there was a downloads tab where you could find all the music you had on your device. Much more useful than to filter each category to find your downloads,

I don’t understand the problem, if you keep the downloaded albums filter ticked on then every time you go to ‘albums’ it only shows the downloaded albums, isn’t that the same thing? If you unclick it then it shows both saved and downloaded albums. So with it ticked its just the same as the old ‘downloaded’ button. 

- You have to look for the filter, on each tab.

- When the filter is on you cannot see all your albums.

- The filter only shows what you have on that category, you cannot see your downloaded songs and albums at the same time.

- The Download tab just gave easy and instant access to all your downloads, Spotify has yet to give a single good reason to remove it.

Yes, exactly.

Still now a single good reason. But I suspect why this might be...... we should all stop our premium accounts, this is ridiculous.

Bring back the downloads button!! This is not cool Spotify. 

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