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Error communication with spotify -> offline sync doesn't work


Error communication with spotify -> offline sync doesn't work


Everytime I open Spotify on my Iphone 4, I get this error, 

There was an error communicating with Spotify. Some tracks couldn't be made available offline. Spotify will try again later.


What could be the problem? I always sync over wifi, and I have a Spotify Premium account.

Thanks for all your help,




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9-10-12 10am EST, problem still exists. I was able to sync a few songs, but started receiving the error again.

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I'm having this problem too, iPhone 4s. Randomly pops up with this error message (frequently). But no tracks appear to be affected?



Same problem here and in exact situation to tomtadeus. Unable to sync anything.




Same issue Spotify will not sync anything at all!

Spotify premium account too.

Just to add to the misery, Im getting this as well. Tried it with my Ipad (the new one) and the same error as on my iphone 4s. Mint.


Premium member too.

At least its not just me, strange as Spotify website says the servers are ok. Ahhhhhh!

same error here!

Phew......thought i had broken it!!!!!! same problem here

I'm having the same problem and it is pissing me off! If Spotify doesn't fix this they should start giving out free Premium months. 

I just tried this, and initially got the same message. However, I managed to get it working by changing the sync quality from Normal to High. You might want to try this too.
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Tried it, didn't work for me.

Hmm, very strange! I'd also recommend trying a clean installation first of all, and then when logging back into the app, change the sync setting first, and then trying syncing a track now.

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I shall try that, I will be back with the results. Thanks.

It didn't work. Did a clean reinstall, changed the quality to high but to no avail. It failed. 

Has anyone found a fix for this? Has Spotify responded to this error in any way?

i've been having this problem too. this post says that the servers were down. hopefully they'll be back soon... 😕

also... i've noticed if you add a song to an offline playlist (at least on the iPhone) and play it all the way through it becomes synced, so that's a way around it for now.

ok you don't even have to play it all the way through just enough and then change songs. seems to depend on the length of the song.

I had this problem to on my iPhone 4S, but when I changed Sync quality to Extreme (which as a cool bonus improves the sound quality slightly), it started to sync and now it's working!

I tried this now but it still isn't working for me.

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