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Extreme reverts to HQ


Extreme reverts to HQ

Hi, did the iPhone update today but every time I select extreme it just reverts back to HQ

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*If you are going to make an iPad app, you NEED to be speedier with fixes!*

MattSudaSpotify Star
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I just ended my premium subscription with spotify.

We are strong people. This picture will help you guys to do the right thing.spotify.png

The rectangle is a plank placed on a cliff of a big rock, geuss what happens if we move.

Same for me. Every time I try to synch to Extreme I find, when it's completed it tells me that it's only High Quality. I re-synch (by not making tracks available offline, then re-making them available offline), but every time I've done this they end up being High Quality, not Extreme when I check again. 

Yep, it's not working, the Danes are to blame and we should nuke 'em! Actually, I had a meditation this morning, and in the meditation a voice came to me and it said… "It's a mobile music app, really, that's all it is, let it go, get a life…" so I have and I feel so much better :0) Fix it when you can guys, love Scandinavia, the forests and the mountains and Sibelius and Abba and all, be cool Dudes, chill :0)

So, has the update even been submitted to Apple yet?  Is Spotify really even working on this?   I can't believe more people aren't up in arms about this.  Maybe they just dont realize its not working.   Rdio's new interface looks really cool people, just saying...

Rdio's so much better on both their iOS and Android apps, and their desktop / web apps.  Over 15 million songs now, and a incredible iPad native app.  On top of that, family plans so if you and your wife wanna both have a account it's 17.99 instead of 19.99.  IF three people wanna get on a family account it's 22.99 for 3 unlimited accounts.  which is a steal.


Once my subscription with Spotify is up, I'm not renewing.

Can someone remove the "solved" flag on this topic? It's far from solved.

Haha I saw that it just changed today? Which post is the solution? You should start your own thread haha
Marked as solution

And Im pretty sure when it says extreme on streaming it streams at extreme? Does anyone else think streaming is extreme just not syncing?

If you're in the uk there is Deezer. I trialled it a few weeks back and it seemed ok, it has a clear cache feature as well and I think quality is 320kbps. The only thing that stopped me changing is you can only install on 2 devices at a time.

Other than that I've just read that Rdio are due to launch in the uk very soon.

Just want to add that I have the same issue. It has been quite some time since it was first raised now. Can you let us know when to expect the fix?

Why is this topic marked as solved? Is there an update heading for us?

This is really testing my last nerve..

It's amazing how much pointless annoyance this is causing. It's almost like the userbase is being "trolled" by spotify. If they had not released "extreme" at all then no-one would be complaining, but it's out there.

Anyway- on a more practical note:

Regarding why the issue is marked solved: I think anyone who posts on this forum can do so- so don't blame spotify for that.

Either that or it's marked resolved because spotify have fixed it in their latest production build and just waiting for it to get released.

Still not working for me - come on Spotify, you're going to loose loads of us to the quickly catching competition!

It is March 24, 2012 and it is definitely NOT solved, especially considering that the last Spotify update was several weeks ago.


The problem remains that everytime the App is quit manually (using the iOS app switching) the sync settings reverts to High Quality. This can also happen if the app is not used for a while as iOS automatically shuts the app if it's not actively used in a long time. I don't know if this actually affects the qualify of sync'd songs, but any other songs sync'd after the app is opened will only be in High Quality.


Anyway... SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. It's obviously a bad bug and a hotfix should have been issued weeks ago.


Edit: I did an experiment and I've come to the conclusion that the Extreme settings is a complete LIE. I deleted and reinstall the app so that I can resync my playlists. First, I set it to Extreme quality for sync and started downloading the songs for offline. Afte the download is done, the size of the app is abour 92 MB, as shown in the usage part of iOS settings. I deleted and reinstalled the app again, but this time I offline sync the same playlist without changin the quality settings. Guess what... the app was once again 92 MB.


Well maybe it's just my phone but I have some serious doubt about Spotify right now.

Is Spotify reading this thread ?


They are not responsing any question in last forum and the are not responing in this forum


Where is Spotify staff ?


I saw the guy starting sporfy in a talkshow and it was just a another comuternerd like

all others.. They make mony on an idea and have no knowledge how to take care of their costomers.

Therefore they will not be longliving and others will take over in the near future



I dont knor how to edit last post


Computer Nerd 

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