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Extreme reverts to HQ


Extreme reverts to HQ

Hi, did the iPhone update today but every time I select extreme it just reverts back to HQ

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I'm having the same issues with my Ipod Touch 4G... Hope there is a fix soon!

Yep, same problem here on both my iPhone 4S and iPod Touch. Hopefully an update the fix this issue is released soon.

Got this helpful answer to the ticket I raised. The question I asked was, "Hi, I did the iPhone update today but every time I select extreme it just reverts back to HQ"


Providing great sound quality has always been an important goal for us. When we launched last year we implemented what we think is a very nice sounding stream at 160 kbit/s. A little later on, after a lot of user feedback, we decided to make sound normalisation an optional setting for those who prefer their music unaltered. Now, we’re taking the next step in offering an unparalleled listening experience.

As a premium subscriber you can enable higher quality streaming by going to the preferences menu and clicking “Enable high bitrate”.

Please let us know how you get on. 



Helpful, really helpful. I would at least like to think that your support team read the questions submitted

We're working on solving this issue, til then, please follow Davids advice, sync all the tracks in extreme quality in one go and they will stay extreme, even if the setting is reverted back to high.


I seriously doubt that. When I flip the switch to Extreme and sync a full album, the size that it claims on my iPhone is between 30 and 50 MB. That's impossible for a 320Kbps album.

Would be really useful if we could have an icon that clearly shows us the bitrate (96/160/320kbps) of the played track.


Possible to implement?

+1 on akrde's suggestion 🙂

Apart from that this extreme-to-HQ-bug needs to be fixed, here should be indicator on each offline track, showing the quality (suggestion: red, orange or green).

I don't trust the extreme quality thing right now. Have been syncing some albums with the extreme option on, but judging (and doing some calculations) by the size of the tracks, it's rather 160 kbps than 320 kbps. Nothing extreme about that.

I am uable to sync to Extreme as eveytime I try, i choose resync but nothing happens.

I agree, it would be really great.

Any ETA when the updated fix will be pushed out? It takes Apple 1-2 weeks to review all app updates.


This is why Spotify needs to TEST ALL UPDATES before submitting them to Apple!


iOS is limited... it's not that hard to test for all configurations.

Android is MUCH HARDER because you have a million different devices.


Let this be a lesson to the develpers.


Sorry for ranting, but this is the TRUTH.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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I'd like to know the status of this too,  I've been waiting to sync for a week.


It appears some of you might have missed my suggestion, there is a way you can get playlists synced in the Extreme / 320kbps setting. I've added it again below.

* Reinstall Spotify on your iPhone (This will remove all your offline playlists)
* When logging into Spotify, go to Settings and select "Extreme" in Sync quality.
* With the pop up menu, select "Don't Resync"
* Then, without closing down the application, sync the playlists you wish to be in Extreme quality.
* This should then sync these tracks in 320kbps.

If you close down the app and start again (or turn your phone off and back on), Spotify will revert back to High Quality in sync setting. However, the playlists you have synced previously will be in Extreme quality. If you want to sync any more playlists, just select "Extreme" again and "Don't Resync", and sync the playlist you want.

Airhorn Enthusiast

Sure...that's exactly what we expect for PREMIUM subscription fee...Isn't there enough money at spotify to hire someone, who can fix a switch?

David, I've read and tried your suggestion but as previous posters have said the size of the files downloaded is far too small to be 330 or extreme quality. I've tried a few times
Can you try it with a playlist of specific albums and report back on what you iPhone reports as size increase, I can try the same albums and see what I get.

David.  I think we have all read your suggestion about how to overcome this problem but I concur with other users that  you can not fit an album recorded at 320KBPS in to 30-50MB.


Like others I have deleted and reinstalled the APP, resynced playlists, deleted playlists, selected sync in extreme, don't resync in extreme, you name it I've done it but it makes no differerence.


When is the fix coming please?



This is ridiculous. Where's the fix?

Sorry about the mess, we're trying to fix this problem as quickly as possible!

Thanks soho - appreciate the heads up :0)

Thanks for working on the fix. Could you post once it's been submitted to apple?

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