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Extreme reverts to HQ


Extreme reverts to HQ

Hi, did the iPhone update today but every time I select extreme it just reverts back to HQ

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Very disappointing considering all of the talk about 320 Kbps only to find out they have been lying about that. Now they "add" a feature to give us something we thought we already had and that doesn't even work? Play any 320 Kbps song on mog and then listen to the extreme version on Spotify. Sounds horrible. Between this and the horrible Starred bug where you can't really listen to your Starred music if you have a lot of music Starred makes this app a waste of money. We pay for 320 Kbps. Some of us had been under the impression that is what High Quality was. However, Spotify has been misling their customers for months about this and it is ridiculous. Apple pushes fixes for apps when they are clearly broken and this has been going on for weeks without a resolution. I can only assume that 320 Kbps tracks on Spotify are like unicorns in real life. They don't exist. Not to mention releasing features on the desktop like radio being glaringly absent on the iPhone. If mog had iTunes integration, I would never even consider using this disaster of an application. Please fire your development team and your support staff and come out with software and services that work as advertised. Enough of the deception but congrats on stealing another ten bucks out of my wallet.

In fairness, nobody ever said the mobile app was 320 before. The desktop and Sonos versions are"up to" 320

Now that's what I call "getting out of bed on the wrong side" 🙂 your listening on a mobile device, comparing 320Kbps to 160Kbps - it's ok, you are not going to hear 24bit/96Khz resolution are you, it's just fine and dandy for earplug listening. If you are a head-fi fan then you will be going digital to a decent DAC and through a headphone amp to a **bleep** good set of cans - then you might hear the difference. Anyway, you were under the impression it WAS 320Kbps until you knew it wasn't? You say it sounds horrible (presumably compared to Mog's 320Kbps?) so how did you think it sounded before you knew it wasn't 320Kbps? I think your a bit upset today that's all, there's a moan in their about Apple as well - I know, computer stuff sucks sometimes - but 99+% of stuff on Spotify is now 320Kbps, it sounds great on my Mac. As soon as they fix the 'Extreme' bug on iOS that'll sound great too - chill man! And hey it don't take 2 minutes to cancel that subscription now does it, then you can pay the ten bucks when the extreme bug is fixed 🙂

Extreme Quality to Windows Phone Spotify!!! I live in hope.

Same here. Hope a fix is on its way soon.

I was very excited to hear about getting 320kbps downloads, so I switched back to Spotify from MOG.  And just like others have mentioned, after downloading a few thousand songs, I had the same problem with the Extreme setting toggling back to HQ intermittently.  The quality does not sound like 320 for most of my downloads and the file size of the downloads was way too small for 320.  Spotify is great company and once they master the 320 setting, they will blow MOG out of the water since that is the only feature MOG has that's beter than Spotify right now....Hope the wait will not be much longer to fix this Bug. 


Any ETA on the fix?

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@user-removed wrote:

The quality does not sound like 320 for most of my downloads and the file size of the downloads was way too small for 320.  

The 320 kbps file size issue should be sorted out as soon as possible!


@__spo__: I trust you, that you are streaming with 320 kbps in the "Extreme" setting, but why is the file size of downloaded 320 kbps tracks that small?


Additionally: Are you using Ogg Vorbis -q9 for the mobile "Extreme" setting or MP3?

Is there any update on this? 

and of course no response... Is this coming in the next update? and if so when can we expect it? 1 week?

3 weeks since my first post. An update would be appreciated. Is it in testing? Awaiting app store approval? Still some weeks off? 


Can you confirm that the tracks are syncing in 320kbps? Many are reporting that the file size would suggesst otherwise. Or is it in fact an incorrect claim

@leeheyes wrote:

Can you confirm that the tracks are syncing in 320kbps?

Or better: Can you confirm that the tracks are syncing and streaming in 320kbps?

Is there any answer from Spotify ?

Like so many others I am getting the same problem. I can't get that angry as I'm getting a free period of Spotify Premium with Virgin Media but nontheless it would be helpful to know when/if there will be solution. The reliability and sound quality of mobile listening will form a big part of whether I will subscribe or not.

This is tres annoying.

Same happening here. Removed the app and reinstalled, but it's still reverting back to High Quality. I really wanted to sync music at Extreme for a trip I'm taking next week. Doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Rdio it is...

I've contacted spotify about this:


Original email:

when setting sync quality to extreme it pops right back at high quality. i tried reinstalling spotify, setting quality to extreme, choose to not sync, set playlists for offline use but then when i check the quality option it is set on high quality 



Spotify's reply:


Hi there! 

Thanks for letting us know! 

I shall let our developers know asap. 

have a great weekend
Kind Regards, 


Spotify Customer Service - Cambridge 
I must say, this is not helpfull at all damnit... I think everyone has been waiting long enough for this. Fix it.

I've tried everything, restart phone, wifi, 3g, reinstall, but whatever I do it takes a long ass time to sync 1 single track on my playlist......I guess the spotify servers are slow today.

Also everytime I reboot spotify it changes from extreme to high quality, and from my understanding the developers don't see a problem with this, I guess it's 'working as intended' or they don't actually have a iphone.



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