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Extreme reverts to HQ


Extreme reverts to HQ

Hi, did the iPhone update today but every time I select extreme it just reverts back to HQ


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And Im pretty sure when it says extreme on streaming it streams at extreme? Does anyone else think streaming is extreme just not syncing?

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Hey all,


As some of you have already noticed, the new Spotify iOS app - v0.4.24 - is now live in the App Store. The extreme syncing bug should now be fixed, among other things.


So try upgrading and let us know how things go. And thanks for bearing with us while we got to work on this.

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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167 Replies

same for me as reported in french one min ago

@leeheyes wrote:

Hi, did the iPhone update today but every time I select extreme it just reverts back to HQ


Same for me, nothing happens when I press re-sync...

I reinstalled the whole app, that seems to do the trick 😃

I tried that earlier, didn't work for me

Just had a play around with this. If you press "Don't resync", the sync quality appears to stay as "Extreme".

Airhorn Enthusiast

But will that be extreme?

Not too sure why it bounces back to High Quality. It might be an idea reinstalling the application first to start afresh with the playlists, selecting "Don't Resync" and then, when the Sync quality remains Extreme, sync some tracks. 

Airhorn Enthusiast

Trying that now. It'll be my third attempt at reinstalling and resynching everything.

Doesn't work. Whenever you exit the app it reverts to HQ; regardless of whether you choose to resync or not

Any confirmation that a reinstall will sync offline to 'Extreme' quality?


I don't want to uninstall and resync 2500+ tracks if this doesn't actually work.

It didn't for me. Only 250 tracks at a time but still a pain.

It hasn't worked for me. I deleted and reinstalled the app on iPhone 4 and iPad, enabled "Extreme" and then started to re-sync. It seemed to be working for a while, but at some point it set itself back to "high". Now when I change back to extreme it always falls back to high each time I open the app.

OK thanks for the info guys.


I'll hold out for a properly tested version to be released from Spotify. *not holding breath*.

Same here, if I change to Extreme, quit and restart the app it starts to automatically resync, but then abruptly stops and that's when the Sync option reverts to HQ.

I guess that with the amount of resyncing going on it's having a quick check of the servers, they're too busy, and the sync is abandoned, with a reversion to HQ to avoid error messages


I'm having this problem as well. If I hit Extreme and then resync -> nothing happens and as soon as I restart the app the setting has jumped back to high.


And if I hit Extreme and then "don't resync" the same thing happens.

Does the same for me, any eta on a fix?

Same for me. I deleted the app, reinstalled, set it to Extreme and started sync. After a wjile I found that it had reverted to HQ. Resetting to Extreme ask about resync, but nothing happens when I tell it to do it. I hope this is fixed soon, as I like better quality!

same thing happening over here.

Same issue as all have talked about in this thread! I have uninstalled and restarted then reinstalled as well!

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