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Files on Computer Won't Go to Spotifiy

Files on Computer Won't Go to Spotifiy

I have an old iPod.  It's so old that it won't even sync to Spotify on my work computer.  It has synched fine on my home computer and my phone, but not on my work computer. It's so bad it won't even show up although it is connected with the USB.  I have also done what was suggested to go to the Preferences and add it but it doesn't work.  It's just on my work computer which is where I listen to most of my music.  Can someone help me please?  I just want to listen to music at work and not listen to the stupid people I work with. It's gotten so bad, I just listen to my iPod instead of Spotify because it won't play any of the songs on my iPod that are actually ON my computer.  This ONLY happens at work.  

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