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I recently installed a HEOS3 speaker which I control via SPOTIFY CONNECT on an IPAD2.


This works fine but when I try to play music back on the IPAD there are problems. I switched back to the local IPAD device but it won't play, consistently anyway, tracks will only play if I skip to a track rather directly selecting.


I am using the latest versions of IOS and SPOTIFY.



IOS: 8.1.3


Any help appreciated.



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Have the same problem.. Or worse, Spotify crashes or hang, can't change track.

But I'm still paying for Spotify....

I'm rocking with deezer, tunein and the other apps but not Spotify.

Ac68u router
Sony z1, z3 tab and z3
Heos 3, heos amp and extender

Same thing here. Getting tired of this.

I just bought a pair of HEOS 7 and HEOS Homecinema. Other applications works fine but Spotify Connect does not work. Poor thing is that Spotify was one of the main reasons I bought these devices.. I have tried with Android, Windows, IOS and OS X with no results. 


Spotify version

and i.e. IOS 8.4





Try tidal instead. Had the same problem with Spotify and heos. Have a bunch of friends that work on Sony and similar, programmers, hifi nerds and so on. They tried everything... give it up or change to sonos

Hi had the same problem. For some reason it does work just fine with tidal. Better sound but poorer playlists. They can be converted from Spotify but it is not the same easy access. Spotify draws a better crowd for making playlists I guess.

I have Heos 7 almost a year ago and was working just fine.


Yesterday and today it just stopped working from MacBook Air, Ipad Air 2 and Iphone.


Ipad & Iphone iOs 9.3.4

Macbook Air OS X 10.11.6 (15G31)


Any update or patch available?

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