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Help - Spotify no longer streams in car

Help - Spotify no longer streams in car

I am a premium Spotify member for awhile now and I used spotify mostly in my car. Ever since I updated my iPhone to the new iOS spotify will play 30 seconds of a song and then quit on me - only in the car where I never had any issues prior. Has anyone else run into this?
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YES. This has been driving me absolutely insane(no pun intended). I've been a premium user for over a year and never had this problem before iOS 7. Spotify plays for about 30 seconds and then a message displays on my car radio saying "unsupported" or "connect retry". I've tried several different cords, my music app works just fine, and I've even had other people use Pandora in my car which works just fine (but ew, Pandora...). I haven't yet had my car's software checked, but after what I've tried above, I'm fairly certain its a Spotify problem. PLEASE HELP, SPOTIFY! (I have an iPhone 4)

It might be an Apple problem? Either way I feel like I am paying a monthly fee for nothing when I can't use it in the car - that is exactly what my car says too "unsupported"

Exactly. Offline use in the car was the whole reason I started paying for Spotify to being with.

There's a bug topic here which may be relevant?

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