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How can I add custom artwork to my playlists?


How can I add custom artwork to my playlists?

I would like to add custom artwork in for the main image associated with the playlist. The only problem I have is that I don't know how to do so. Spotify would have to access the users photos to achieve this but, I think it is doable.

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This is completely possible, what you'll do is click the three dots next to a playlist or right-click (computer only) and select Edit Details. From there you can change the picture and add a description.

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Hello A1exei, right now the feature isn't available, but it is under consideration. Add your kudos to the thread I linked, and toss in a comment to keep the suggestion alive. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions! 

@A1exei This is something I would love to see introduced. The only way you can achieve this just now is to join the Community Rock Star programme (see link on my profile) and get active in the community to become a Rock Star. Once you have this status you are allowed to add artwork.


Hope this helps!

Any idea when this will be a thing for the general public? I am interested in signing up for the Rock Star Program if it means I will be able to change my playlist artwork. Just curious as to how much time it takes up as well? Thanks!

I second this question!

@gilmores33 @theckbert


It does take time and work. Depends on how much you participate.

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As of right now there isn't a way to add custom playlist art.



Spotify is the world's greatest music platform. It connects the people of this planet with a daily necessity, music. Spotify revolutionized personal and public playlist creation. However, every creation is meant to evolve in order to improve. 


Premium Users being given permission to upload a 1:1 Ratio Picture to their playlists to give it more style and structure would really give the user a better chance of attracting new listeners. This would be an excellent step to take for the customer and artist base of Spotify to benefit, provided it's economically feasible to cross that bridge.



Please kudo this idea so it can be implemented in future versions of the app:


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You can only customise your playlist artwork if you are a Spotify Rock Star. To become one you just have to fill out a form and they will contact you. If you become one you will be able to customise your playlist artworks and you will get lots of other benefits from it. Hopefully this will be a feature everyone can access in the future! 🙂

It is possible through the Rock Star Program. Otherwise, it is unfortunately not doable.

Although a lot of people have submitted this idea to spotify, it still isn't part of the software. Therefore you can not, as a user, produce your own cover art for playlists and upload it. The only users that ARE allowed to do this, are verified users.


Hope this helps! x

I think that feature is only available for sponsored playlists. It would be great if they make it available for premium users.

Spotify Rock Star Program is the only way to be able to change the artwork cover of your playlist.

Want to join the Rock Star band? Let us know by filling in this short application form here.


Hope this helps 🙂

Right now you can't, but spotify is working on it. 

i have spotify premium yet it doesn't let me do this? I'm pretty sure it is only available for rock star users.

It's only available for members of the Rock Star program. I applied and fingers crossed I get accepted! 🙂

You need to be a part of the Spotify Rock Star Program which you can sign up for for free 🙂 hope this helped

I agree, you probably have to be on the Rock Star program

So far all i know is you can if you sign up for the rockstar program

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