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How can I edit playlists while Connect is running?

How can I edit playlists while Connect is running?

I'm currently listening to Spotify using the desktop app on my Mac. I am also freeing up some space on my iPhone, so would like to turn off "available offline" on a few playlists in my Spotify iOS client. It seems thanks the the "helpful" new Connect feature, this is impossible, since the client is effectively blocked from doing anything while the desktop app is playing. It's somewhat ridiculous that I have to stop the music on the desktop in order to do this editing on my phone.

Can you fix this? Or offer a workaround?



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Hey there Alex!


I just thought of a workaround that you could do. Insted of pausing the music to edit your mobile, just turn off Connect. When you're done editing, you can turn it back on.

You can't disable Connect, the only options are to let the desktop app play with the iOS app "controlling" it, or playing the music on your device.

You should be able to edit playlists while Connect is running, as well as toggle playlists online and offline.

Can you take any screenshots showing how you cannot do these things with Connect controlling a client?

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