How can I listen to just one podcast episode (Autoplay is disabled)?

How can I listen to just one podcast episode (Autoplay is disabled)?






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iOS 15.2


My Question or Issue

According to related posts it would seem that many users prefer to listen to several episodes of a podcast on autoplay. I am the opposite. One of my scenarios: Play a particular podcast episode and go to sleep. The sleep timer is a great feature for music, but it does not work well with podcasts because episodes rarely come in exact durations of 5, 10, 15 etc. minutes. So using the sleep timer would mean that the app stops playing before the episode is over or start the next and stop while playing it. I don't want a history of half-played episodes on my phone.


According to this fix report , an issue with podcasts not autoplaying was recently fixed. That's great for those who want it, but is it possible that this correction is having an adverse effect on how podcasts interact with the queue if Autoplay is disabled in settings?


I can see three ways of starting a podcast episode:

  1. Go to the podcast and tap Play for an episode while looking at the list of episodes.
  2. Tap the title of an episode so that it's details are displayed, then tap Play.
  3. Add an episode to the queue in the same way you add a song.

According to a post I read, but cannot find anymore, procedure no. 2 should only play that particular episode, then stop. Only that it doesn't (anymore).


I need a reliable way of achieving this that would ideally also work over CarPlay. Ultimately, having two Autplay switches in settings (one for music, one for podcasts) might be the best approach and give everyone the flexibility they need.


Please let me know what you think.




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Additional information:

  • I confirmed that procedure no. 2 as described in my original post leads to the same result on my iPad (lots of other episodes are added to the queue). 
  • I tried the same in the Windows desktop app and here only the episode I  start is added to the queue. 


Hi there @Heddy,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


We can confirm that this is expected, as when you play an episode, the following episodes to the currently playing one are queued up automatically in the mobile app. As you mentioned, this doesn't happen in the desktop app, though.


As a workaround, you could try adding only the episode(s) you want to listen to to a playlist, and play them from the playlist, so only that or those episodes will play.


In the meantime, we also suggest adding your +Vote to the idea you linked to, if you haven't already, as that's the best way to provide feedback on new feature requests.


Hope this helps. If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.



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Thanks Carlos for your reply and confirmation that this is expected behaviour. I don‘t understand though why this has been implemented differently in the desktop app. We are not talking about a variation in the feature set but rather the basic design, which I would expect to be consistent. 
Anyways, I‘ve voted for the idea and will find a different approach while this is being processed.
Thanks again 



It is kind of ridiculous such a simple feature, that most podcast apps have, is missing.  Sometimes we are stuck using Spotify for podcasts, even though we don’t want to use it.  At least have the basic features.  



For music I want autoplay on.

For podcasts I want autoplay off.

So need setting per category of content type not overall setting.

When filtering by "unplayed" podcasts, the autoplay removes the next episode from the list because a few seconds were played before I could stop the next episode. 

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