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How do I change back to the old layout?

How do I change back to the old layout?








iPhone 14 Pro


Operating System

iOS 16.3


My Question or Issue

I want the old layout back.


The new layout looks bad, and I don’t like the separation of the status bar it has now.. I liked it when the color was going through all the screen, behind the status bar as well.


Also I would really love of the queue button would have the “X” button on the bottom and not on the top left. It’s an awful UX.


thanks in advance.

7 Replies

Hey hey @Vitas250! Thanks for your feedback!

At Spotify they're always testing possible improvements, so you or someone else may see something new or get a limited feature temporarily on the app. It's great to hear your feedback so moderators can pass this along to the proper team.

Hope this clears things up!

Take care.


MateusMSpotify Star
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agree 100%. it's simply horrible, illogical, and backwards what they've done. 

this is change for the sake of change and not an improvement.

why they moved the artist/track name to the top i have no idea!?!?

Please for the love of god bring the old display back. There is literally no way someone at Spotify thought this was a good idea. 

Please Spotify, I beg you, bring back the old display for the Ipad and Iphone. On top of not having all the options that used to appear on the screen the big one that appears now is usually something I dislike. It seems the algorithm is not working. I also tried to block the artist suggested and I could not. Since I have a premium account I should be able to block what I dislike. After the Rogan disaster I am running out of patience and I have been a subscriber since you guys started. 

Terrible lay-out swap. Considering ending my spotify.  I am sorry 

Finding the new lay out difficult to use when sorting my playlists as can't see playlists that are saved. Please change back to the old format layout which ws easier to use

please bring the old layout back, it's so much harder to do anything!! I can't sort things and it's hard to have everything sorted the way I want or like! everything is just mixed together, the podcasts, my following, and my playlist all just jumbled together and I can't really change anything around because it won't let me!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the layout from earlier this year! But still, I do respect Spotify and how it makes listening to music easier but with this new layout, it took some of that away as it is messy and hard to maneuver. Please Spotify!!

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