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How do I delete a song from a playlist while on my iPhone?


How do I delete a song from a playlist while on my iPhone?

How do I delete a song from a playlist while on my iPhone?

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This doesn’t work. There is never a red symbol next to a song and pressing the dots in the red circle brings up a window that allows you to add to a playlist, delete a playlist, download a playlist, but under no circumstances will it allow to delete a song. 

The symbol is always green and saved to library, when i do it ones more its red and says remived, vut it dosent go away. Song is still there. I know many people who have the same problem on iphone and has to use a computer to edit the lists! Why is there not a delete or remive options on the three dots like the android version of spotify? So annoying!

This is a pain when you are in the song view as you have to scroll though the entire playlist to find the song you want to remove. 

This works but is a huge pain with a large play list. The one feature I keep missing from Spotify is a "remove track from this play list" context menu item so when I'm listening I can remove it without scrolling through hundreds of tracks trying to find it. 

@Richard wrote:
Just open the playlist, open up the options (three dots at the top) and you'll be able to edit your playlist. Remove songs by pressing the red symbol next to them.

cool, but what if I've got like 200 songs in a playlist?

Just mentioning, with the new update, there is now a way to delete a song from a playlist on the IPhone.  Select the playlist, touch the words "and more" to see the full list of songs, then for that song, hit the ... button.  it has four options, including "Remove from this playlist".


Thanks for the update! It only took Spotify 6 years to fix this easy problem. I guess I won't sell my SPOT stock after all. Maybe someone is actually reading these boards.

It's been like that for a long time but it doesn't solve the issue for huge play lists as explained.

Did you try again today? I just did on my Galaxy s7 and there is a new option on each individual track. You don't have to find it in the massive playlist. You can delete the song that is currently playing from the playlist. This is what I wanted. 

Not yet on ios but that sounds awesome. Fingers crossed 🙂

Hi. How do you do that?

Hi, how do you do that?

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