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How to keep song and album libraries separate?

How to keep song and album libraries separate?






iPhone 7 and windows

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iOS 10,  Windows 10


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I was previously able to save a song without it going to my albums and saving an album without going into songs, which I liked a lot.  However, it appears that albums and songs are now joined, which has jumbled up my entire library.  I have tons of albums containing only one or two songs and albums that I had hadn't saved in songs are now empty.  My library is a total mess and I can't save empty albums without searching for them and saving them again.  How do I get back to how it was before?

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Your problem sounds like the same problem I have posted about yesterday and today. See my posts “Previous Albums Shown as Not Saved......” etc. by BudMan1 as there is someone trying to help me with this and their posts may be of help to you as well. 

It looks like we have the same issue.  I tried what they recommended but it didn't change anything, which isn't surprising as the issue is both on mobile and desktop for me.

Very frustrating, I've replied to your post as well @Budman1

See "All saved albums now empty" under "Ongoing Issues" tab on this site as there are several others having what are essentially these same Song and Album problems as well.

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