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I can't log onto my spotify iPhone app

I can't log onto my spotify iPhone app

I'm having trouble logging onto my Spotify account through my iphone app. I keep getting a message that my user name or password is wrong. I have changed my password twice. Anyway to get the issue resolved?
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It has somehow mixed up two e-mail adresses

I have problem to log in my spofity in iphone app. Already uninstall and install but still the same problem. Help me !!

Both User & Password are correct but i still can't log into my Spotify account. Login failed, it tells me that i already created an account with that email address. And yes, i clicked LOG IN! I didn't click Sign Up. I'm upset because i really want to use my Spotify acount but i can't what so ever!!! I also changed my password to see if that would work but no.

Hi im wortied to log out my app using my iphone because i dont know which user id i used in my iphone. It doesnt show in my iphone what my is my user id. Pls help

That worked for me. I was using my email and didn't realize my username was different. The app on iPhone Log In should really say "username only" and not "username or email", because then you think your email will work and it doesn't.

I was hugely skeptical...but it worked. Thanks!

I can log on via iPad but not iPhone though I have premium tells me I am not eligible on my iphone

This is the correct solution, thank you. However, it is a development flaw not a flaw of the users. The login form field actually reads "username OR email" . So an email SHOULD work but the ap developer did not include a check for the email, only the username. Thanks for sorting this out. Spotify needs to correct this issue in their iPhone ap.

try making a new acc or forgot password option. try all emails 🙂

You can't be serious spotify guys?! 


I vented about this one year ago asking if anyone at spotify was actually reading these threads and listening.   Yet here we are PAGES and PAGES later on this one single thread (I wonder how many others there are too), with other people suffering with exactly the same problem.  With me still be notified by email about this thread and everyone trying to solve the issue that was solved a year ago.  Of course nobody scrolls back through all those pages.


Surely someone can addess this bug.   Clearly it's an easy fix (to use same authentication methods on the web browser versus the app) and should be fixed.   Either allow both to use a username/email, or one or the other. But causing such frustration for so many people is needless. 

Having the same problem. Has this been resolved yet? I am paying for premium service but not able to access

My user name and email are the same so this will not work for me. Anyone got any suggestions?

Well said

Yes, dump spotify! Garbage app!

Updated the app and it suddenly jumped to offline & wouldn't go back to online status despite having a network connection. Uninstalled & reinstalled the app & now can't log in - I just get the three dots forever.

Ive reset my password many times and every time I try to log in it fails to recognise it? Need help
Thank you

It worked , You are so right - me included

I recently deactivated my Facebook acct. what now?

Woke up to realise that I've been logged out of my account and now stressing as I've tried literally everything, password is correct and I'm logging in with the same username but it's still showing the three dots and password is incorrect!! HELP!!!

This didn't work for me. Not sure how to solve. Any other ideas? Tried to reinstall, log in with email, with user name, changed password several times. Logging in on laptop works but not i phone app.


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