I can't see my Next In Queue and Now Playing

I can't see my Next In Queue and Now Playing

Good Day Spotify Community


I have a problem with my Spotify App in my iPhone 6, it does not show the Next In Queue whenever I queue my music and also the Now Playing. I already deleted and downloaded the app again to see if it's fixed but still the issue is still present, I don't know if other users has the same problems as mine. I hope this will be fixed. 

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The problem is still present in my spotify app. Anyone who also have this kind of problem? Need fix.

Some questions first:

- Is the newest version of Spotify installed? Try updating and also try the Spotify beta.

- Does the problem occur with other accounts or is it a account-specific problem?

- Does this problem happen on other devices?

- Are you using Spotify Premium or only the free version?


Please check.

The problem is still present in 2020 on my iPhone 11.
1. I always install the newest version when they release one. So, yes.
2. I asked my friends if they've experienced the same problem. They said they don't have this bug.
3. Yes, cause it is still present on my new phone.
4. Yes I'm using Spotify Premium.

This might be an account-specific problem. But how?

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