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I can't start my Spotify on my iPhone

I can't start my Spotify on my iPhone

A week ago, I opened my Spotify app, as always, to listen some music while my way to school. The problem is, when it opened, it was in sing up screen and log in, as I had recently downloaded the app. So, I went to the option "Log In" because I have a registered account, but I log with Facebook, so I clicked in the Facebook option, it started loading and a screen of Facebook apperead saying: You've already authorized Spotify. So I clicked in the option "Ok" when touched, the scream cloes and three dots appear, means that is loading something (maybe the account), but seconds later a new screen appears, which is from iPhone saying: Login failed Error:404. I don't know why! So I tried loging in on Computer but I can't log in either! WHAT SHOULD I DO?

If someone can help me, please, try to talk with me via those Social Networks:

WhatsApp: [redacted]

FaceBook: [redacted]

Snapchat: [redacted]

Instagram: [redacted]

Skype: [redacted]

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