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[IOS 15] Auto connect to other device volume

[IOS 15] Auto connect to other device volume






iPhone 12 Pro Max

Operating System

IOS 15


My Question or Issue

After update my phone to ios 15 my spotify auto connect to other device volume setting for example my desktop.

I've try to force close the spotify app but however after some time its still auto connect back the volume ( I've check my background app  spotify was not running ) 

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OK now the issue is on another level. When spotify is open in my phone i can't even listen one song because it's overheating the phone so the app crashes.

This is so ******* annoying. Spotify maxing the iPhone volume when in background. I keep iOS and Spotify app on desktop and iOS updated. It's happening for months.

1. Open Spotify
2. click on settings.
3. click on devices.
4. Turn off Devices Lock Screen

This fixed my issue

Same issue on my side. Here are my info:


Device: iPhone 12, 128 Gb

iOS 15.1.1


Spotify app: 8.6.80


Backgroung refresh: disabled (I've re-disabled it too)


It happens when I play music on my Spotify desktop

version: Spotify for macOS (Intel)

macOS 12.0.1 (21A559)


Thanks and good luck!

Anyone have random volume changes on their iphone when exiting the app but still having music playing through their computer?

My only fix on this is to open youtube on my phone to change the primary sound app.

Yes, I run into this problem all the time. The macos app raises the volume on my iPhone and I jump up and down in surprise. It's infuriating!
Closing the app on my phone and turning off the background refresh and local network doesn't help. Wild, uncontrollable insanity.

Same issue here. This is annoying AF


Upd. The recent update seems to partly fixed it but as soon as I receive a notification from Spotify volume changes again.

 Upd2. NVM nothing has changed

Issue: when connected to the laptop's Spotify app, iOS volume has to be blasted to the maximum.

  1. On your iPhone, open the Spotify app
  2. Tap on "Spotify Settings"
  3. Tap on "Devices"
  4. Turn off "Devices Lock Screen"

This seems to solve the issue that we are facing.

I have this option disabled, but I still get it at blasting volume

An easy fix for the developpers:

- disable the feature that allows the iOS app to control the volume of the desktop app. I personally rarely use my phone as a remote controller for the music on my computer.


Or at least add a toggle so that users can turn it off. Could help us in the meantime, before the ultimate solution is found.


iPhone 12 mini, iOS 15.1, Spotify version 
Latest Spotify for macOS. 
Volume on my iPhone randomly rise up to max. Im really disappointing of Spotify. So many problem in iOS and macOS clients.

Thanks @nickyyeow, it seems to fix the issue for me!

This does not solve the issue. I have had this turned off for months. The volume issue still happens. 

Hey @grey_helix, thanks for letting us know that everything works fine for you now!


@Vulpix298, thanks for posting here.


Could you share with us the following? 

  • Device
  • Exact Spotify version
  • The troubleshooting steps you've tried so far

We'll report this to the team working on the issue.


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I have posted in this thread before. I'll repost what I commented as it's still the exact same issue, and all my devices are up to date as of today as well. 

Previous comment: 

This has been happening for me since iOS14. I recently upgraded to an iPhone 13 Pro with iOS 15, however it still happened on my iPhone X with iOS 14. I have a Windows PC. Spotify app is all up to date on both devices, this has been persisting across multiple updates. I use the same account for both devices. I have Premium. 


If I play music using my desktop spotify app, even when I do not open the app at all on my phone, it makes my phone have max volume. The app is not open, and it's not running in the background. The PC app is not picking it up for connected devices. I have devices lock screen turned off on my phone app. I manually turn the volume on my phone down, the app is still not open, and then a little while later while playing music on my pc, NOT CONNECTED AT ALL, and the volume will go back to max level. A screen recording would be useless as it would only show the volume indicator flashing up as max, the app not opening, not running in background, nothing. I don't even have to be playing music for it to happen. The music could be paused and it'll happen, matching my phone volume to the volume spotify is set to on my pc. I also have background app refresh turned off for spotify on my phone. 


It doesn't happen every time, but often enough, and sometimes I don't notice it so I'll play a video and have the bugeezuz scared out of me as it's suddenly max volume. 

Please pass this info to developers, mods.


Just got this on my iPhone screen recording. Randomly.

Video link:


Sound volume was zero before it popped up and changed. Notice that nothing related to "Currently playing" in control center is shown - only "Not Playing". Music was playing on Spotify on Intel Mac.


Just want to make a notice that Spotify is shown in multitasking but it was left backgrounded quite a while ago - about 20 other applications were used after leaving Spotify app.


When reopening Spotify application - there was no cold launch, only came from background.


Spotify's Devices settings show:

- Show local devices only OFF

- Devices Lock Screen OFF


iOS 15.1.1 Spotify app version from TestFlight.


macOS Spotify app versions on two different Macs:

- Spotify for macOS 12.0.1 (Intel)

- Spotify for macOS 12.0.1 (Apple Silicon)

Software version: ios 15.1.1
I faced the same problem for months.

"Tunr off Devices Lock Screen" is not work for me.

Please take such a bad bug serious, thanks.

I truly hope that this can be solved for the next update.

Hi there folks,


If you're still experiencing this it would be great if you could make sure that you're running the latest version of the app and then let us know which version of the app you're having?

We'll keep an eye out for your replies.


Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

I have disabled Device Lock Screen but it doesn’t work anymore. This too sucks.

i don’t want my phone suddenly max out the volume

How the **bleep** is this still an issue?? I can play YouTube videos on multiple devices synced without it maxing the volume on my **bleep** phone. This is an exceedingly annoying bug that people consistently experience. How has this not been prioritized for 3+ years? Ffs. Can verify disable Lock Screen doesn’t work for me either. 

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