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IOS not showing full catolog

IOS not showing full catolog


It seems that both iOS and android apps are not showing us all  your choices. An example would be when I type in Swan lake into both mobile apps, it gives me maybe 4 or 5 albums. However, when I type the same piece into the desktop app, it gives me way more choices. Is this a bug?



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Hey there! 🙂


Hmm. This sounds interesting. When searching on a mobile device, if you scroll down do you see an option "Show All Albums"?

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I think that was a design choice on mobile devices to avoid long load times, clutter and data charges. The way around this limitation is to search for the artist then go to the artist page where you do get the option to see all albums. To take your example, search for Tchaikovsky then select artist and at the bottom of the album section you'll see the "see all albums" choice.

No. I do not see that option 😞

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