If that ain't country by David Allen Coe

If that ain't country by David Allen Coe


Hello, I am a premium user and I recently relised that the song If That Ain't Country by David Allen Coe was removed from my playlist and when I searched for the song to add it again, I could not find it. I spend my hard earned money for this subscription so I don't understand why songs that I previously had are being taken away.

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Unfortunatly, it may have been removed due to negotiations between Spotify and the artist's record label. The record label may have revoked the song from Spotify for various reasons. There is a chance that it may be available again soon!


They removed it from my playlist too and I am pissed.  I pay for this service for music, not so that their PC viewpoints can be forced on me (and I am paying for them to do this **bleep**). Maybe time to find a different company. 


It's gone from mine too. I imagine it's because the "n" word is in the chorus.  Nevermind that it isn't used targeting black people, it's actually a backhand compliment from a 1974 songwriter's perspective of a white trash Texas family.  It also says "my older sister is a first rate wh (rhymes with more), Pa won't let her come home no more" and "you can kiss my "a word for backside" all of which should earn it an explicit label but not removal.   


I'll contact David Allen Coe's label tomorrow.  

Thanks for the reply, let us know what his record label says.


I feel the same way. I really liked Spotify up until I started to notice some of my music slowly start to disappear. It’s 100% about being pc, and if they say it’s about something else it’s a lie. Time to start looking elsewhere and it’s not just me I have a lot of friends that I turned on to Spotify that feel the same way. Too bad 


Spotify im sorry, canceling my subscription. You liberal **bleep** wipes there is such a thing as freedom of speech. If you remove this song then you would also need to remove every other song that includes the N word.


Hello all,


Spotify is only able to stream music that is licensed properly. There may be some negotiations with the rights to that song that is preventing it from being available. That does not mean it won't be available in the future. 


I am going to guess it was not removed because of the lyrics. As you said, many songs contain similar language and are still available. I hope this clears up any concerns. Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with. 





This is complete BS. If they’re going to remove this song they’d better start removing the litany of hip hop songs that are Similar. 


Same here, I wanted to hear this song amd am a premium member.


Is there a way of finding out whether the Label companies removed the song or if it was Spotify that removed it?


Pissed that "If That Ain't Country" is removed. Spotify says licensing issues, but then why is the rest of the original album there and the greatest hits album it was on? I don't suppose they'll remove all the rap from Spotify that uses the n-word...


Hey there @Eatsleepfish


Each song has its own set of licenses, it has nothing to do with the album(s) that it is found. There could be a number of issues with agreements with songs and whoever owns the song. If you have the album/songs in your personal collection, you can add them to your library locally. To do so, check out the information on the link below: 




Let me know if I can help in any way!




A workaround for this would be to allow Spotify to import your iTunes or other music library into Spotify in the settings. I can confirm that this works as I have added this exact song to my playlist via this method. I hope this works for you. For your convenience here is a link to help you do this... https://support.spotify.com/us/using_spotify/features/listen-to-local-files/


Willie , Waylon , and Me is gone also and so is daddy was a god fearing man 

If you look at the CD tattoo it says 10 songs but if you count them there is only 8. This is bs I pay to listen to the songs I want to hear


Big brother spotify can kiss my a$$. I was going to up for the $99 deal for next year but now I am just going to cancel premium service. Jut like the NFL, got to hit them where it hurts, in the wallet.


Oh I was also going to buy my son a subscription, now no way.


yeah and also while we’re at it how come 17 x rated tracks ain’t on here neither this is some straight chicken sh*t. If you wanna protect the world from DAC then get rid of Rebel meets Rebel instead, why these bunch of daffodiliberals got to go and ruin everything for hard workin guys like us I don’t know.

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