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Independent volume is absolutely necessary

Independent volume is absolutely necessary

So if I'm trying to listen to music as I fall asleep, I typically have music playing quietly so I can actually fall asleep.
Spotify doesn't let you have an independent volume and turn the volume down without turning everything down.
My phone is my alarm in the morning and I won't hear it if my phone is turned down all the way. What's the point of having spotify if I can't even listen to my music in the nighttime which is the only time people who work get to relax.
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Hi there @JoshuaAM! Welcome to the Spotify Community.


Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure this is an issue with iOS and not the app itself. I haven't heard of another app that utilizes it's own volume among the rest of the OS. I do have to say that I'm not entirely a connossiuer of apps though so I could be wrong, but I have a pretty strong feeling about this.

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Every app I have used has independent volume. It lets you toggle in app sounds and music separately both independent from the phones volume. @mikeyB
I don't see a difference and don't understand how the games are different from this music app.

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