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iPhone 7 plus


My Question 


Good Morning

I've got a question on the spotify interface... 

My friend has IOs and has a different "spotify" ... attached are 2 screenshots 

can someone tell me why mine is different? is there any posibillity to change it? its something to cange in settings or what?


its look like the free spotify interface, but ive got the family plan




3 Replies

Hey @Feichis, welcome to the Community.
Hope you’re doing great!

At Spotify, possible improvements and new features are often being tested. This means you might see something on the app your friend doesn't, or get a brand new feature for only a temporary period.

Things tested could include the next generation of security protection, or new ways to listen. It's also a way for Spotify to introduce new features, and fine-tune the app to be compatible with specific devices.


Currently to go to the queue or use repeat/shuffle buttons you need to tap the … top right corner.

I’d recommend supporting this idea if you don’t like this change to Spotify


Hope it helps 🙂



thanks but it doesn't help hahaha


I don't think it's a beta feature or some stuff like that


maybe it's that I, before, I had the normal version (not premium) and I upgrated to the family plan and the interface doesn't upgrade (??)


I honestly want to have the same interface as the other users. =(


anyway, again, thanks for your answer



Hey @Feichis,


Thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay 🙂


This is a new library UI that Spotify has started to roll out to all users that have Premium. It was first made available for the Free tier users.


Currently they may be testing different version before they finally implement it for everyone.


For example, I still have the "old" Your Library UI with a change now, my Settings icon is gone from there and moved to Home and my profile icon is inside Settings. Just like you in this case.


Hope it helps!

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