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Ipad3, AirPlay and ATV2

Ipad3, AirPlay and ATV2

Hi, Hardware: iPad 3 and iphone 4, both with IOS 5.1.1 AppleTV2 connected by HDMI to reciever AirPort Express x 2 connected analog Problem: I can't get the ipad app to work with the ATV2; everything looks like its working, the song name pops up on the TV, the time sliders on the ipad keeps moving, but no sound is heard. If I tell it to play on one of the airport express units connected to other stereos around the house it works just fine. The iphone app running on the iphone can play via the ATV2 without problem, and so could the old iphone app running on the ipad. The new ipad app can not. I've done a reinstall of the app, problem persists. Any ideas? Thanks, Patrik
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Same here but with ipad2. But when I switch on my tv there is sound when I play from the ipad. Iphone plays fine with the tv switched off.

It does work when I only turn on the apm and leave the tv off completely I also had the no sound problem today but it turned out my wife had swithed off the volume on the ipad

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