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Iphone 4 - telling me I need premium

Iphone 4 - telling me I need premium

I downloaded the free spotify app and logged in to start playing my playlists. I then used it to play music and it was fine, I tried to use it today and it keeps telling me I cannot play my playlists as I need to get Spotify premium but playing it on my computer will be absolutely free


This is the message - 'PREMIUM REQUIRED Spotify premium is required for on demand mobile streaming. It's free to stream on desktop.


Is there any way round this as I do not want to have to pay.

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Spotify premium is required to stream your playlists on any mobile device including phones and tablets. You will have gotten a free 48 hour trial when you logged in on your mobile device for the first time. If you are in the US, mobile radio is free to use however in any other country premium is required. 



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All of my tracks are greyed out. The titles of the playlists are still there but it says '0 tracks' next to it. When I click on a playlist, there are tracks there, but all greyed out. Then of I click on a track it says "spotify premium is required for on demand streaming. It's free to stream on deskop". This only happens on my iphone. If i use spotify on my pc, there is no problem. Im not on premium, but i cant play songs when im on a wifi network, which is really annoying. Please help me, ive hade this problem for months now...  My user name is "javell-makrell"

Hey OsterdalH, it might not be what you wanted to hear but that's normal behaviour. You'll need to resubscribe to Premium to listen to tracks on mobile, online or off. 


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But why? It worked fine before i started with premuim, but when i stopped with premium it doesnt work.. so annoying! Isnt there any way of fixing this problem without having to pay for premium?

If you are talking about your owned local files (mp3s etc on your desktop) try creating a new playlist on the desktop and downloading this to your iphone.

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