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Iphone app cuts out

Iphone app cuts out

When playing a offline line playlist the app just cuts out. This is very frustrating when using it to play for a party. Can some one tell me what is going on? Thanks.

8 Replies

Hey Mike,


Sorry to hear this. Have you tried a clean reinstall of the app at all yet? You can find some directions on how to do so here:


Also, is your iPhone running a lot of apps in the background? Does Spotify have similar problems when it's the only app running?


Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Who's your Spotify Star?

I am also having this issue. Ever since I had to go online after 30days in offline mode. It just stops playing for a few seconds every now and then. Even when spotify is the only app open on my iPhone.

Yup, you and an army of us still struggling with this app for iphone.


I am so close to just cancelling as I'm wasting my money with this.


Do any staff here actually have any concrete solutions to this, or even care?



I just downgraded from premium to unlimited due to constant problems with Spotify on my iPhone4 the last few days. When it's in offline mode, a song will last for 20-40 seconds and just freeze. If I forward the song a few seconds it'll start up again, and then freeze after another 20-40 seconds. Making the offline option total useless. Is this the same problems you guys are having?

Exact same problem for me, you and thousands of others. Nobody cares. Wait until the new sign-ups begin to dry up. They'll probably be begging for your custom then. At that point, it will probably be too late for most.


In my opinion, this is why Spotify has no future. The level of customer care/service is appalling.

I am having this problem, suspiciously a few days after I upgraded.  The app throws me off.  Also, the phine only syncs sporadically.  It worked smoothly once.   I will be cancelling in a few days unless Spotify gets a real help system.  This is crap.

Any movement on this for us growing band of disgruntled iPhone users?

I've been struggling with this issue for about a week now.  I've tried all the usual things including a clean reinstall all to no avail.  I had great luck though when I closed every app running in the background.  So far so good.  The songs are starting up right away and no stop/start issues.

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