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Ipod with ios 5.1.1

Ipod with ios 5.1.1

I have an Ipod 3 gen ios 5 1 1.

Installed the old version of spotify to make it work, but it is just spinning when I am searching for songs and artists. Is there any trouble with spotify used on 5 1 1 devices

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Hey @Bearhunter, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


Unfortunately Spotify can't gurantee that the older versions of Spotify will work on outdated versions of different OSes.

You can learn more about the minimum system requirements Spotify need to run without issues here.

Thanks and happy Holidays! 🙂

So there is nothing to doo then.. 

I've tried to reboot the ipod several times and checked the wifi connection to be ok. Any other tricks?

After reboot, the search-name that I've used in the spotify app, appeares atomaticly.. Has the app really rebooted in that case?

There are several other users in this forum that solved similar problems by rebooting, do you think deleting and reinnstalling would help?

Hey @Bearhunter,


I can't gurantee that it will do the trick but it's worth a try 🙂


This is really not cool


I have an old iPad 1.  Sure, it's ancient but is more than capable of acting as a streaming device for music. 


My hi-fi has a USB input that only works with iOS.  So my options are a) get the iPad 1 working somehow or b) spend hundreds of euros on a new iPad, and throw the old one in the bin (not going to happen)


This is not helping Spotify customers, the only people benfitting from it are Apple?

time to buy a new device.................

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