Scrobbling Not Working on both Mobile and Desktop Scrobbling Not Working on both Mobile and Desktop


I noticed end of last week that the Spotify mobile app was no longer scrobbling to I tried uninstalling and re-installing the app, but that did not fix it. I decided to start playing from the desktop app when possible going forward. However, today I found that now the desktop app no longer scrobbles listens either! Could this be the result of a recent software update?

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Yeah, it looks like scrobbling from the Spotify desktop program has stopped working in the newest version  (

Fortunately, there's another way of scrobbling Spotify from your account settings: 

Just click connect next to "Spotify scrobbling" and follow the instructions to connect your Spotify account to  Once connected it should automatically scrobble anything you play in spotify (on any device).  If you run into any issue with this, please try disconnecting and reconnecting, and if that doesn't fix it, please report the problem in this thread:

Cool, thanks for the info, that helps in part at least. Unfortunately, that solution does not appear to work for tracks played offline. For now, I am using the independent app with Spotify scrobbling enabled on my phone to cover both online and offline mobile listening. I suppose for playing on desktop though, turning on Spotify scrobbling via will work since I'm almost always connected to wifi on desktop. It's too bad though, since I will need to disable and re-enable that every time I switch between mobile and desktop to avoid duplicate scrobbles. Ideally of course, there would be one solution with which to set it and forget it, which Spotify's own in-app setting had previously accomplished. Hopefully they'll get this patched soon to retain that functionality.

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