Spotify Connect Sets Volume to Max


Spotify Connect Sets Volume to Max

I use Spotify on my iPad Mini to control Beoplay A9 using Connect. Sometimes when I close the Spotify app and reopen it while the songs are playing, it sets the Connect volume to max automatically after detecting the device. I have been scared the hell out of me by this more than a handful of times. Now I am worried that my A9 is going to break soon because of this.


Really appreciate if someone at Spotify could look into this. The app should NOT change the volume when it reconnects to device, or at the very least set the default to MINIMUM.


Thanks in advance.


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I resolved the issue with my reciever (Onkyo tx-nr414 or ht-r758) by 're-applying' the latest firmware (so basically the update that adds the Spotify Connect stuff).


I know it doesn't make sence, but it did resolve the issue for me. Ever since I did that, I NEVER had the issue again.



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The Spotify Connect bug ARE solved permanently:


Shouldn't it ring a bell if you check the thread start date (2014-07-14) and how many times the Spotify team has helped you guys on this matter? -or at least commented that they are looking into it? Seriously we are now in 2017 as of in 1 day!


They really don´t care and do know about this bug (we are using their own forum!). Deal with it! I write this mail because I care. They don´t - I do! 


The solution would be rather simple and permanently fixed by: taking away the audio controller from the Spotify app and leave it to the stereo volume itself if you play through Connect. All of you can´t seriously continue to use a product that might damage your own or even worse your childrens hearing right?


Everyone knows that from day 1 Spotify has never launched or tweaked anything based on user feedbacks. Thats their weak point; they are a «growth company» with focus on just that. Growing fast. Why is it that just because they were one of the «first» brands on the streaming music scene that people don´t try out some of the others? What will it take? Permanent tinnitus for you or worse your children, hearing loss or perhaps that you kill one of your pets? I seriously must say I am baffled that people still comment on this bug as if it will be fixed almost 3 years later in a still open and unanswered thread IN THEIR OWN FORUM! As you can read in my previous posts it is even more frightening that the Connect app works from outside your house. CAN YOU IMAGINE if you set this bug off while being away without knowing??? Your children being home alone after school etc? Come on - use your head! I write this because I CARE, I live with tinnitus and hearing loss every day and boy: if I can just save one soul from not repeating my mistakes I am very happy indeed. 


If you want the Connect features just plug in the Google ChromeCast Audio dongle and you have it all! You then can set your HIFI volume to X (for example 50%) and use the ChromeCast Audio volume slider on your phone from 0% to 50% (Max allowed from HIFI). AND you can then still use your phone / tablet for everything else while the music is playing: JUST like Connect was intended to do. Both Tidal and Google Music with a lot of other audio apps like TuneIn etc support ChromeCast and probably many more. Spotify even supports it but seriously? WILL YOU CONTINUE TO USE SPOTIFY??? As long as connect are paired it is «a time bomb» and an accident bound to happen. Maybe not from your phone but from one of your kids, etc. You CAN block Connect in your router firewall (if it supports it - read my earlier posts) but again SERIOUSLY STOP USING SPOTIFY!


Apple Music, Tidal HIFI or Google Music. They all have their strengths and weaknesses but for me Google Music not only let me enjoy my music safely without being scared of seeing more of this «go to max volume» **bleep** but even seems better overall as a service, and the app is as snappy and stable as the Spotify app. There are also 3rd party players on your Mac / PC if you prefer it to listening through the browser. I have some HIFI speakers connected to ChromeCast Audio dongles, some I use with bluetooth (from my iPad) and some with Airplay. 


I swapped to Google Music a long time ago and haven´t looked back. The radio part of Google Music (Radio stations based on songs) are also wonderful. Simple app, and better yet: able to upload my vinyls and old CD gems missing from the streaming library automatically - fantastic!


The best part of Spotify not caring is that I can write a mail like this in their own forum suggesting that people leave their product for lack of supporting their own community. THEY DO NOT CARE!


Be smart, avoid Spotify! -I will from now on unsubscribe to further mails on this topic as for me it is resolved permanently and safely for my family and my self by ditching Spotify. Be smart - preventive health actions are the only way to save your hearing when it comes to Spotify Connect by disconnecting! If enough people do just this THEY WILL CARE!


Have a wonderful 2017!

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Surprising. I was on Spotify Connect the other day and it matches the volume that's on my other device (the 'Host' device).

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I was surprised when the volume was set to maximum, too. It doesn't always do this. Most of the time it works properly. It's those times that it doesn't that gets me really frustrated.

Weird, my Pioneer speaker definitely doesn't do this! Just incase this is some crazy issue with the Spotify app, could you try deleting and installing it again and see if you get the same behaviour?

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I have exactly the same problem, volume is terrifying when you go back to the app to change the music for the Beoplay A9

Hi Zeegeek, have you found a sollution yet? Do you think it is because of the iPad mini? I've got several Apple devices to connect, but my standard machine is the mini. And as you say, it scares the hell out of me.




I have the exact same problem, using Spotify connect on iPhone 4S with my Yamaha RX-V677 receiver! The first time it happened I almost got a heart attack, and thought my speakers might have been damaged... I first thought it might have been because the iOS volume had been on max and the Spotify app somehow synced that when I switched over to Spotify connect, but even after I made it a habit to turn the iOS volume all the way down before switching it still happens off and on. It really spoils the experience, having to worry every time to get blasted (since then I even set a hard max volume limit on my receiver), and I think it's really really bad that there doesn't seem to be anything you can do to avoid that. I wish the Yamaha itself had an option to disable the volume sync control (it has such a setting for AirPlay, but not for Spotify). Hopefully someone from the Spotify team will look into and address this...

I have the same issue using spotify connect with my iphone 4s together with Pioneer SC-LX77. Every now and then when switching to the app the volume gets set to max. As said previously this is very serious. Playing late at nights on a very low volume to suddenly blast the whole neighbourhood with loud music is not very approciated by neighbours. (Nor my ears).
Oh, and why must the app "reset" every timr its minimized? Always this loading when opened, and reset to playlist viee after 10-20 seconds.

I deleted Spotify from my ipad and reinstalled it. I've used it for about three times since. It hasn't reset the volume to max so far. Let's see if this resolves the problem.

Let us know if that's working for you @zeegeek
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I reinstalled the Spotify app on my iPhone, but it did not make any difference. It actually happens quite frequently, and the worst part is that often when I hit the connect button the current track actually starts playing (with max volume), even if the track was paused before. Here's what I now always do to avoid being blasted:


  • MUTE my receiver
  • in the app go to the Connect page and connect to my receiver (which often starts playing the current track at max volume)
  • go back to Now Playing and pause the track (if I would just lower the volume while playing it would unmute my receiver and I would still get blasted)
  • go back to Connect page and lower the volume
  • go back to Now Playing and resume the track
  • UNMUTE my receiver


This is the only 'safe' way for me to operate the Spotify app - thats just nuts!! Does official Spotify support monitor these forums, or do I have to open a separate support request?





Seems like a fairly technical issue, and anyone (incl me, will get irritated AND LITERALLY JUMP DUE TO THE FULL VOLUME if this happens all the time)

I'll escalate this to the right people to make sure it gets seen.

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  • Write what matters in your heart to others, you never know whether you have another chance again.

Thank you very much Jeremy, I really appreciate it!!




Hi Dirk,

I have the same problems. first with the combination of IPd mini and spotify to BeoplayS9 of B&O. Today I had the same problem with my !acbook Pro and Itunes with Airplay. My conclusion is that it is not spotify problem. That doesnt mak it any better, what is the use of spotify when these things happen? I will go back to the store tomorrow and say this technology isnt mature yet, please take my B&O back.



why wouldn't it be a Spotify problem? It's the Spotify connect code that somehow submits a command to my receiver to set the volume to max. Now, maybe it turns out to be a flaw on the receiver side that spotify doesn't have any control over (very unlikely though, since it seems to happen on at least two totally unrelated receiver hardware). But even then Spotify connect could provide an option to disable the volume sync completely (my Yamaha has this option for AirPlay) - I wouldn't mind missing the volume change functionality (which I don't use anyways) if this would allow me to use the spotify app without having to worry each time...




Hey everyone!

Sorry to hear about this.
It sounds like you're all on iOS devices.

Just to clarify, could you confirm the version of Spotify you have installed?

Hi Jack!


my Spotify version is, using an iPhone 4S on iOS 7.1.2






For my part it's on iOS yes, and only when using spotify connect, this issue never happens with airplay. (Not that I've noticed anyway).


Installed spotify version is

Hi Jack,


Thanks for looking into this.


My Spotify version is on iPad Mini iOS 7.1.1.

I think it is not spotify, because I had the same problem with iTunes on my MacBook. It's either airplay or Ios.

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