Spotify Connect Sets Volume to Max


Spotify Connect Sets Volume to Max


I use Spotify on my iPad Mini to control Beoplay A9 using Connect. Sometimes when I close the Spotify app and reopen it while the songs are playing, it sets the Connect volume to max automatically after detecting the device. I have been scared the hell out of me by this more than a handful of times. Now I am worried that my A9 is going to break soon because of this.


Really appreciate if someone at Spotify could look into this. The app should NOT change the volume when it reconnects to device, or at the very least set the default to MINIMUM.


Thanks in advance.

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Glad we get some kind of feedback from a Mod.  But after 2 years of waiting..  this is a Joke.  The solution is like 15 min of work for for a coder.  Just force the volume to a specific setting.   


Seems like it just isnt picked up at all,  and it's a shame.  Saysing to make sure to have the last spotify version is a Joke also.   If the fault would be at the users end.    Spotify mostly auto updates.,  but it doesnt fix the problem.


We would be happy if just one of the 1800 spotify employees would be set on this for an hour...



Just had this happen. Used the Spotify iOS app to connect to my Yamaha RX-V681 A/V receiver. I was playing music for about 5 minutes and a phone call came through which for some reason caused the volume on the A/V receiver to go to max, without my even touching the phone.


Ironically the phone was in "do not disturb" mode at the time, so you'd think that, if anything the Spotify app would muted the audio on the A/V receiver when the call came through, rather than setting it to max volume.


My eardrums are still ringing!

Hi there. I've bought a Yamaha V683 two weeks ago (so yes, I can't send it back anymore). Have you had any success with resolving your issue?

I could only set the max volume to -30, but maaaan, that's still waaay tooo loud!

Unlike other unfortunate people here, I didn't blow my speakers (av receiver is 80w, speakers are 200w), but jeez.

My issue occurs always when I switch my BT headphones on - then the AV receiver shortly blips the volume of the playing song to the max, before it switches over to the headphones. It also randomly happens when switching between two iphones, although not too often. This used to happen with our previous Sonos setup (hence I'm writing here), although RARELY - and Sonos is not too powerful at its max.

Seeing that this thread has been going on for years, and having just updated the v683 firmware to no avail, I guess it's time to abandon the ship.

I suppose other services don't have this issue? I've been quite happy with Tidal some time ago, but couldn't get over their small music catalog (I'm listening to german folk metal for instance) and lacking music suggestion features. I don't quite like Apple music. Is Google music any better? But then I have to get the dongle?

This is just so annoying. My girlfriend is laughing at me and I look like an incompetent fool. I made her switch from plug and play Sonos (because I hated the home cinema sound), had her buy Yamaha's multiroom, and install all the Yamaha apps, and now I need to tell her to stop using Spotify?! And frankly, I miss the ease of Sonos... so badly! It shouldn't be this complicated - it's enough that you have to find the right receiver and speaker combo, and then install all the wiring on the wall...

I had it as wel..with my onkyo. Now its fixed somehow. You might be able to use a bt dongle.. or somethimg cheap between phone and final amp to resolve the issue. Else just try other streaming options


I am a tad surprised that people do not protest more against the leading digital music service after experiencing hands on this bug, and even worse: keep on using their services (!?!?!?). The point is not "now it seems to be fixed"; the point is "can I be sure it is fixed and does not happen again with small children and animals in the home?". No you cannot. It is a closed code snippet they use so we have no "open source" way of really knowing what goes on. AND is this our job as subscribers?


Deezer for me is the Spotify killer for sure. Simpler, cleaner design, great compatibility towards many A/V solutions, and for the ones without just go for a dongle from Google (Chromecast Audio). Make sure you buy it from Google online because you can there also pick up the LAN adapter which solves any issue anyone has with Chromecast Audio stability etc.


I have seen posts after posts since I wrote my message here; and again people keep coming with the same horrific experience, and even REPEAT their experience. That is the definition of insanity - to do the same thing expecting a different result!


Have Spotify EVER read their own forum? No. Do they care? No. Are there any leagal term that could push the fault over to your "stereo manufacturer"? No - this is a closed code snippet from Spotify (Connect). The bug happens across the board on a variety of amps and just remember: even if people HAS NOT YET experienced the bug does not mean it "works" for some and not for others. It is there on all amps and are lurking in the background for all waiting untill you do some adjustments or "reconnection" and BAM it hits you!


Take this seriously! Tinnitus and hearing loss are something you will experience dramatically sets your "joy of life" back for a long long time.

I write this because I care. I write this because I myself live daily with hearing loss, and with two beautiful healthy kids and family pets I would NEVER EVER put them in harms way with Spotify Connect.


Spotify seems to struggle, they do not make cash and their focus are simply on "growing" - they do not care! I would not be surprised if they are well aware of this bug, but without a solution they have let it slide.


IF anyone raised this to a leagal aspect they would really be in harms way financially. For example in America you have a very strong case towards Spotify to get your medical bills covered, and even a settlement through a law suit! So if you got ill after experiencing this bug; consider talking to a lawyer!!


Me.. I left it and just never ever recommend Spotify to anyone (and tell them why - repeatedly), have played around with both Google Music, Tidal and Deezer and settled for Deezer. Great value for money (family subscription), great compatiblity (Bose etc have it built in), great sound and a great community (Sharing playlists).


Google Music are also great but lack a family subscription outside of the US for the time being making it too expensive for a family of 4 listeners.


Deezer have had some bugs in regards of Chromecast but then simply do it in another way (they are constantly working on fixing bugs).


Deezer just seems to be the little brother of streaming services being warmer, more welcoming and in the end more fun (playlist sharing / music matching).


There are also just a couple of clicks to transfer your music to Deezer with online services like


This will be my last post on the subject (I know I stated this in my post a year ago or so); but again: I really care about you guys and your well being - so please take this input seriously. The only way you can make Spotify care are by protesting; and that means to leave their services.





Sorry but the guy is right, you don't really do much about your users. I am glad I found this thread before upgrading to Premium.

I do have a Sony STR-DN1080 HiFi Receiver, 2017 model where Spotiy app has the same problem: I can barely use the volume because it needs to be at ~1-2% in order not to blown my ears (or speakers, or both).


The firmware is already updated, so not a chance of fixing this.

I already posted this at Sony but it seems that the problem fills between the cracks of Sony and Spotify, each of them trowing the dead cat to the other one.


Its beond suprize that this topic is marked as solved. It worked a short while for me, but recently the issues is back. And yes of course we have the latest version of spotify.


I have an onkyo nx-tr414 and spotify just puts it on ful volume by default. Then it checks the sound level and sets it in the spotify app. The risk is in between; if I modify the volume, lets say i turn it down by reflex because I have been blown out of my house a few times now, it goes to 95%.


Time for a real fix Spotify! You are considered leader in agile/devops, community engagement etc... I have troubles to see why


I just had this issue on 11/24/2017 and it was fixed by a simple log out of Spotify and log back in, hope this helps someone 😄


- Cheers


So, 3.5 years later, there's still no fix to this? The volume just got breath-taking, I hope my poor speakers didn't collapse like I almost did.


Brand new Yamaha RX-V781 receiver with latest firmware. My girlfriend was playing Spotify Connect, accidently tabbed to Spotify on her MacBook and BOOOOOOOOM!!!! Appartment almost exploded. First thing ever to have seriously gotten me to think about canceling my Spotify Premium subscription and try another music platform.


Why on earth is the topic marked as Solved?


3 times last night using Spotify connect on my iPhone 6s plus, the volume was switched to max volume on my Marantz SR6012.  AND ONE OF THOSE TIMES IT BLEW MY TWEETER!!!!! On one of my Paradigm Studio 100’s.

we also had small children in the room.  It scared the dickens out of everyone and probably hurt some of the kids hearing.

if Spotify doesn’t fix this, I will be looking to switch to a different streaming option.



It has been another year since the last post, where it was concluded that nothing has been done to fix the issue since 2014!

I am now experiencing the same issue in 2018!!


Is there any fixes as of now?


Any update on this? Seems to still be an unreslved issue?


Same issue with Sony STR-DN1070 and iOS last few days.


This is NOT SOLVED and a HUGE PROBLEM. I just played Spoticy Connect on my DN1080 and I was pretty sure that Spotify Connect blew my speakers when the volume exploded to 100 before I had the time to reach the receiver. This could seriously both damage the hardware, speakers and potentially even the receiver, as well as the hearing of people and animals. How come that Spotify ignores this issue?


I'm willing to change to Apple Music or similar if needed.

It's as funny as sad... Somehow I still get notifications on this thread, and was just looking at my post from almost 4 years ago, when I started experiencing the same issue. Unbelievable that they still haven't fixed it. Glad that I made the switch to Apple Music soon after - certainly looks like it was the right decision, and I never looked back.


Just adding my + to this.  All latest software and firmware.  Spotify Connect with Denon AVR-X3200W.  Has been like this since I started with Spotify.  Sad customer focus. (Why is this topic marked Solved?)


What is the best alternative to Spotify?

We run IOS in the house - woud google music be a possibility? - same price (in Denmark)


I have the same issue with Bowers&Wilkings Zeppelin wireless and Spotify connect. I’ve uppgraded from a IPhone 5S to a 6S but the problem remains for me, Never happens to my boyfriend though, even on same Spotify acocunt, wi-fi and speaker. Super weird. And as all of you said - It scares the **bleep** out of me. Almost started crying the first time haha. 


BUT - what I have not seen anyone of you write that I experience is that I cannot lower the volume again when it is at max. I press down the volume with my full power and the volume bar struggles back and forth but eventually ”it” wins every time and ends up at maximum again.. Is this only for me??


I really need a solution for this because I will die from an heart attack soon..

I think it would continue to increase for me as well, however it raised so fast for me so the only thing I had left beside waiting for my speakers to blow was to throw myself on the power button of the receiver. Since Spotify ignores the issue I think I'll switch to Apple Music, bought a new receiver just to get good wireless playback and now I don't dare to use it.


I have found out that the Music volume settings in iOs do matter. If you go to Settings > Music and set a limit to the volume (e.g. de EU setting at 70%), I found out Spotify Connect uses that setting (it was at 100% before). I have tested it and it certainly changes. So, set this volume to 50% and you won't be suprised. Redicolous it has to work this way. Deezer does not have this problem.

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