Spotify Connect Sets Volume to Max


Spotify Connect Sets Volume to Max


I use Spotify on my iPad Mini to control Beoplay A9 using Connect. Sometimes when I close the Spotify app and reopen it while the songs are playing, it sets the Connect volume to max automatically after detecting the device. I have been scared the hell out of me by this more than a handful of times. Now I am worried that my A9 is going to break soon because of this.


Really appreciate if someone at Spotify could look into this. The app should NOT change the volume when it reconnects to device, or at the very least set the default to MINIMUM.


Thanks in advance.

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I created a post in the Android section with the same problem :


When switching to Spotify Connect in Spotify user interface, Spotify sets the receiver volume to max if the Ipad volume is at high.


This is a dangerous behaviour.


Two days ago, my 1.5 year old daughter was standing close to the speaker when this happened. Since then I've had to carry her around, or have her sitting on my lap holding her hand. She is uncomfortable being alone on the floor now, and won't accept me to be more than about a meter away from her. This is unlike her normal behaviour.


This bug has a potential to do real harm on humans. And this thread shows that Spotify has been aware of this problem for some time now. Spotify should at least have issued a warning about this behaviour, allowing customers to take precautions. 


Mobile device: Ipad 3, IOS 8.1.2

Spotify version:

Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR626, firmware: 1091-4110-0000-0302

I had exactly the same thing this morning. My ears are still hurting and my 2 year old son got really really scared.

Spotify can you please confirm that this isssue is being worked on? It seems to be happening on all sorts of device and receiver combinations. I do not dare to use Spotify at this point and am considering rolling back my Onkyo firmware so I can use their mobile app instead of Spotify connect.

Mobile device: OnePlus One, Android 4.4.4
Spotify version:
Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR414, latest firmware

The problem still occurs on my devices as well. My personal workaround:

1. Play a song on your device without using connect.

2. Stop the playing song.

3. Connect with your receiver.

4. Make sure that the volume is not on max. If so, just turn it on a normal

5. Enjoy your music 😉

Same issue and I just blew up my vintage speakers with it. Not sure who to blame, Spotify or Onkyo, for 2 dead speakers.

Spotify iOS 2.3.01573, Onkyo TX-NR636 with latest firmware.

I've said it before - the only real solution to this problem is to add an optional setting for completely disabling the control of receiver volume from the Spotify App. So far I did not have to endure this terrible experience again, though every time I use the app I still have that wary feeling... A simple volume link 'off switch' would put everyone's mind at ease.




That's really bad luck! I think it's Spotify who you should blame, but I
don't think they'll do anything to compensate you. It seems that it's even
to much to ask them to take care of a problem wich is critical and appears
since at least 3 months...


I'm so sorry for your loss. 

I have a Yamaha RN-500, had this problem solved in an Spotify (iOS app) update at end of august. Since then, didn't encounter. Had an issue tho' with the connection to it couple of days ago - didn't bother to check exactly when spotify was updated, but it was  - my Yamaha didn't show up in the 'Connect available devices' list. Solved via firmware update on the spot.


However, I would advise you to take the extra, heartstabbing, steps, knowingly they might not reply, and write Spotify and ask for repayment for the damages. At least get past the customer service level 0 (because you'll probably get refused). This shouldn't go on anymore.



I'm a senior software developer, i don't do mobile apps but i can 'sniff' based on my intuition what's going on with this integration. State of the software in 2015 is bad. All these firmwares are poorly written and un-configurable. I suspect everybody, Onkyo, Yamaha, Denon has these disgusting protocols in their receiver's firmware internals, from summer of 2000, and they had to embed 'spotify' code into it and it's a pure mess. Probably all those people there don't even freaking understand what is happening around them. You can't, as a sane person, asked to develop something, explicitly allow 'certain' things to be overridden. Also, you make something like 'receiver power on on bridge activation'. Who does that?

And probably the 'command message' to load the stream contains a faulty match of the iOS volume or not set value which the firmare doesn't accept and goes ballistic about the volume. Freaking amazing engineering job(s).
On the other hand Spotify nailed it with their customers, 'Oh uggg!, it powers on my receiver, how nice'. Customers intrigued and happy? Job done!

I've wrote an extensive bug report to Yamaha. Got back a 'please reset your device'. Went back and explained that this is not supposed to happen and offered my time to explain, as most technical as i can get, to someone in engineering, what's going on. Got back a thanks and a promise to forward (i included the url to this thead). And that was it. 


I have the exact same experience! This is not OK!
You really have to take this so called bug at face value now! This is a real problem and not acceptable!

This is on Spotify! It's their code that messes things up!

My version is
Onkyo receiver


I do have the same problem with the following device setup:


iPhone 5, iOS 8.1.2 with Spotify

And Pioneer XC-HM82-S Receiver.


We have a small child of 7 months and it already happend twice that Spotify just resumed playing the last song on maximum volume just by starting the app. With the child in the living room pretty close to the speakers! This makes the connect function completely useless and even dangerous!!!


Spotify, why can't you fix this???

The problem seems to be known for more than 6 months and nothing happens...

If there's no quick solution it will make me quit my premium account 😞


Moto X (gen 2), Android 5.0


Onkyo TX-NR515

Firmware 1171-6100-0500


Happened for the first time this morning. Also have a 7 month old who is not very happy as a result.



Same kind of issued happened to me with Yamaha RX-A2030 (firmware 1.60) yesterday : Spotify was opened by my friend from an Android device connected to the internet (but outside of the LAN, outside of the home !), and when "play" was selected on the device, the input of the Yamaha automatically switched to "Spotify" and the music played (because the Yamaha was the last selected output device on Android app, this is as per design). As my friend didn't understand why no sound was output by his mobile phone, he increased the volume to the maximum... And the volume of the Yamaha increased from -35dB to ... 0dB ! Hopefully with Spotify input selected on the Yamaha, the maximum volume is 0dB (for all the other inputs, it is +16.5dB, I prefer not to think about the consequences if +16.5dB had been reached) !

I switched off the Yamaha unit as fast as I could (did not understand immediately the origin of this very very very loud sound), but my cat and I were very very very shocked (my cat was so frightened that he peed on the carpet...). And of course my friend was very sorry when I phoned and explained to him what had just happened... He didn't know (and neither did I) that "Spotify connect" could also operate remotely, passing through the home router... And I checked after this story that "Spotify connect" was even able to switch on the receiver when it is on standby, even from the outside !

Hopefully, my Monitor Audio BX2 speakers seem to be all right (even the tweeters), I've just checked by playing a frequency sweep from 20Hz to 20kHz.


Of course an option should be added in the amplifiers/receivers compatible with "Spotify connect", in order to prevent any sound level modification from the mobile. It is already available on Yamaha receivers for Airplay, as someone already recalled before.


One usefull workaround for owners of Yamaha receivers : it is possible to define a global setting for maximum selectable sound level. It is by default defined to +16.5dB, but this maximum can be reduced to any chosen value between -30.0dB to +15.0dB (with 0.5dB steps). I reduced this setting to -25.0dB (I have never set the volume higher than this). It will then prevent "Spotify connect" from increasing it again to 0dB !


But anyway, the consequences on hearing (for humans and animals) are major, my ears are still ringing, I'll have to go and consult an ENT specialist for an hearing check-up next week because of that...), and Spotify, in association with Yamaha, Onkyo, etc... should fix this issue as soon as possible !

I can't believe that there seems nothing to be done about it. Just updated all devices and software and the problem remains. Do we have to wait until something or even someone gets seriously damaged?


Same here, with Onkyo nr636 and brand new Klipsch speakers. I'm very upset, Spotify did it to me last midnight and everyone woke up in the house. My luck was(and the speakers') that the max. volume is reduced to level 50 so the speakers survived, but this is a ridiculous bug. I'm not a developer but i guess that would probably a change of 5-10 rows in the code. Please Spotify, fix this a.s.a.p.

Thank you!


One of your subscribers

Spotify is not fixing the bug... It occurs for at least 5 months now.

Hi, I have the same issue hete.

Version 3.0.0 (haven't tested with 3.1.0 yet)
Onkyo receiver
HT-R758 / HT-R414


Same Problem with my onkyo HT-RC660 !!!


It's horrible. Please Spotify, give us a update!!!!



I will join the list here... Onkyo TX-NR414. what a horrible bug. I started to google how i could reduce the max volume of my receiver and then i found this post. 


I did not read trough all messages but for the developer what happens to me is this:

- Spotify connects: volume on app is set to 100%

- Volume from the receiver is synced to the app

- Song starts playing


so far so good you would say, unless you change the volume between connecting and playing (which takes a few seconds). If you press for instance volume down the song will start at volume max -1. 


I would say its not to hard to fix to by default set the volume to 0 when you connect, and then update the receiver volume on the spotify app. Come one guys, get cracking!!! or you will soon lose a client and ambsador, and as the there are already 5 pages i think some more.  


Have the same issue with Onkyo NR262 ... and it will end up seriouslty damaging my speakers.  Why is there no response from Spotify on this, if my speakers get blown i will be looking for compensation from Spotify for what's a known issue and over which they seem negligent.  Obviously i'd very much hope never to be in that situation. 



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