Spotify Connect Sets Volume to Max


Spotify Connect Sets Volume to Max


I use Spotify on my iPad Mini to control Beoplay A9 using Connect. Sometimes when I close the Spotify app and reopen it while the songs are playing, it sets the Connect volume to max automatically after detecting the device. I have been scared the hell out of me by this more than a handful of times. Now I am worried that my A9 is going to break soon because of this.


Really appreciate if someone at Spotify could look into this. The app should NOT change the volume when it reconnects to device, or at the very least set the default to MINIMUM.


Thanks in advance.

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Dear @bluevince @morgii @orinokai

I have got an answer from Spotify on this subject:



When using Spotify Connect to listen on an AV Receiver, the volume control isn't managed by the Spotify app.

A default level is used, which is then processed by the speaker.

The volume level should be set to be appropriate on the output device.



It sort of happening to me the same with Android and Denon X2100W, but to me it seems that the prevoius source volume is used.

For example if You are watching TV usually average volume is lower than music, so I usually increase volume.

Then I switch off the receiver and switch on again with Spotify Connect, it seems the AVR uses the same TV volume gain which is too louder for music.


Let me know.



I have got an answer from Spotify on this subject:


When using Spotify Connect to listen on an AV Receiver, the volume control isn't managed by the Spotify app.




BS. What else do they call changing the volume to max?



I just wanted to let everyone know that it appears to have been solved for me. I am using the current Spotify app for iOS (both phone and tablet). I re-applied the latest firmware for my TX-NR414 / HT-R758 and I haven't had the issue for a number of days now, so I can't say it with 100% certainty yet, but for now it appears to be okay 🙂


Also what you say about the volume doesn't appear to be correct @camillo75. When I had the issue, the initial volume was set to 50 (for example). I connect Spotify to the AV/reciever and it shoots up to 'max' (100 from top of my head), so it appears the App is requesting my reciever to change the volume level. Also, I can use the app to directly change the volume of my reciever.


Hi All,


The problem still occurs both on ipad and iphone. As soon you switch to spotify connect to listenen via my onkyo it sets the volume to MAX and blow my speakers away grrr.


Tried on another audio set, same spotify problem! 


Is there a solution for this from spotify?


Thanks andre

Hi @Andrewnl
Did you try to set on the onkyo avr a lower gain level for the spotify/internet source?
Usually you can configure each source volume because every source have different gains.
Tv signal usually is low compared to Spotify or Internet radio.
Let me know.

Hi, just for everyone's info:


I haven't head the issue anymore since my last post (26th december 2015). Reapplying my Onkyo's firmware seems to have resolved it for me for some reason.


The issue is persisting on the NAD D7050.



@mennovandoorn wrote:
I think it is not spotify, because I had the same problem with iTunes on my MacBook. It's either airplay or Ios.

I'm having the exact same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S6 running Android, this is neither Airplay nor iOS.

This is a pure Spotify Connect API bug!! 
I have blocked my Libratones from Spotify Connect by adding a non working DNS on my router for their IP adresses (Libratones are set to fixed IPs) and have never had the problem again. I use my speakers for TOSLINK TV use + Airplay daily. Both work 100% as it should and are controlled both by the Libratone app volume bar, programmed multi-remote, and AirPlay volume bar. Never ever has this bug happened again. It is a pure delay bug on the volume control. Simple as that - but probably rather difficult to fix since the API are in such a wide use in so many firmwares. So.. they should never have added that option. The API should only be used to "control the music" and the master volume should NEVER be allowed to be controlled "in more than one place"... Sub-volume setting is hower something else (See my Chromecast Audio suggestion below. By using this technique you will never ever be able to reach the "painful" volume lever that this bug triggers).
I still find it amusing that this forum are "red hot" and never ever being surveilled by team Spotify! Wonderful. Of course they know of this bug but find it "a low priority" based on the fact that they think its more important to keep the volume controller in the API rather than just to take it away and let the user control the volume as it should be in the first place "by the regular remote for that unit". Imagine if this was a car and airbags that suddenly just blew out while driving. Ears are the same thing - however it is a hidden handicap that most people with a normal hearing dont think about before it is too late: and trust me to have a poor hearing with tinnitus, audio sensitivity etc are something that will lower your life quality considerably. And by knowing this would a good dad or mom EVER put their children or animals in harms "audio" way by knowing that someone could set the volume in the house to 100+ db while not even BEING in the house??? My wife perhaps wants to use spotify while exercising and forgot (as a non techie) that Spotify last was used with connect and fiddles with her iphone to get the sound right while not in the house and volia: we the family sit here with little to no hearing left.
Fantastic product! I love it when innovation innovates for the sake of innovating - without any care for safety or "after effects". This is just plain dumb and something that made me swap to Deezer a long time ago and must say: GIVE DEEZER A CHANCE (or any other competitor for that reason). Amazing audio quality, built in equalizer, and with the wonderful new Chromecast Audio why not just use Chromecast as a dongle to your hardware instead of Spotify Connect? You will get:
1. To set the max audio limit on your hardware (for example set it to 60% of max) with your master remote2. Use the Chromecast Audio volume up / down from 0% to the max set of 60% as in "never being able to play too loud!! and the great thing? It works exactly as Spotify Connects volume SHOULD work - as a sub-volume set that are never allowed to go above max volume of the master volume set (which are the volume of the actual hardware unit).3. The exact same cleverness of only controlling the sound from your phone / pad so you can release your phone / pad (as with Spotify Connect) for other use while the audio are playing.. 
So WHY USE SPOTIFY? If you are upset by this bug why support them any longer?????
You can export your playlists etc like I did all from one wonderful place:
or for example by this one..
If you STILL HAVE to have Spotify then I suggest you do what I did and block your stereos IP from accessing your regular DNS (as in give it a non working dns like This you can google it is rather simple for a medium techie if you have a router other than Apple like for example Asus or other "semi pro routers" with more options than the Airport ones. Then you can use your Spotify by AirPlay or by purchasing the Chromecast Audio dongle and voila: exactly the same options as Connect but without ever being able to put your loved ones in harms way. Use your head, it is not only your hearing that can be damaged!!
Keep the volume at a safe level - your famillies future wellness and happiness thanks you in advance!!
Support Deezer. I love it. Took me a while to "get the unique" setup with lists and mixes etc but now I would never use Spotify. I have tested Google Music too which are ok but a tad "without personality" in regards of feeling like there are "music people behind it". Same goes for Apple Music which just doesn´t do it for me - especially in regards of missing an equalizer like both Deezer and Spotify supports. Deezer seemed "small" in the beginning but then I "got the layout" and seriously: test it out.. I think Deezer now are what Spotify was before a company with a strategy, people that cared and a community with big love for their product: the music and musicians.


Dear Spotify,


I expected this to have been fixed much sooner. Both myself and my partner having scared the life of our little daughter several times turning on Spotify connect and being blasted with maximum volume unexpectedly and not identifying the reason for it.


It is disrespectful leaving a problem like this unresolved for so long with risks of actual hearing impairments, especially to paying customers.


At the time of writing is the first time I experienced using Spotify Connect latest app version installed on Android 6.0.1 with Onkyo Receiver TXNR626 over WiFi and not blown away by maximum volume.

- Volume is now set to a level of seemingly 30% at connect, and seems to adopt the latest volume level when exiting the app and/or the receiver last time. I find this resolution ok.


Spotify: Shape up, do better at what matters. Much sooner.

Allready scared everyone in the house a few times. My speakers hopefully are still oke. The volume goes to 100% when using spotify connect.

As i read this forum. It is clear to me that its a spotify thing.

WHY?! Is this still not fixed?
This is a very important bug FIX it allready!!!

Are you using an avr?
What brand?
With what hardware you are using Spotify Connect?
Thank you


I am using the onkyo tx nr 414 receiver.

Andj ust the spotify app on my mobile, happens with all apps and phones.

First, is the Onkio up to date to the latest available firmware update?

Yes the onkyo tx nr 414 is also just serviced by onkyo. New digital boards and the latest firmware drivers are installed.

Spotify just makes the volume jump to 100 no matter what volume is set on either device.

I wist spotify would just not touch the volume at all. Or start at 5% , something like that.


Dear Spotify-Team,

this issue is not solved for me.


I use the latest spotify app on my android 6.0 and listen music trough my LG lac955m soundbar through spotify connect.


I also experience the problem described in this and similar threads. Sometimes, when I'm changing the volume via app, the volume of my soundbar jumps to max. Neither my phone nor the soundbar were on max before. I got young kids at home and its a 700Watt speaker, I don't want my children to get deaf. I can't use the spotify app if there is a chance of this happening randomly.


(Even when it doesn't directly jumps to max volume, there are way too few volume levels (steps) to precisely adjust the volume. But the "jumping to max"-problem is much more pressing.)


I'm glad to give more information if needed. Thanks for your help.



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I resolved the issue with my reciever (Onkyo tx-nr414 or ht-r758) by 're-applying' the latest firmware (so basically the update that adds the Spotify Connect stuff).


I know it doesn't make sence, but it did resolve the issue for me. Ever since I did that, I NEVER had the issue again.



Marked as solution


The Spotify Connect bug ARE solved permanently:


Shouldn't it ring a bell if you check the thread start date (2014-07-14) and how many times the Spotify team has helped you guys on this matter? -or at least commented that they are looking into it? Seriously we are now in 2017 as of in 1 day!


They really don´t care and do know about this bug (we are using their own forum!). Deal with it! I write this mail because I care. They don´t - I do! 


The solution would be rather simple and permanently fixed by: taking away the audio controller from the Spotify app and leave it to the stereo volume itself if you play through Connect. All of you can´t seriously continue to use a product that might damage your own or even worse your childrens hearing right?


Everyone knows that from day 1 Spotify has never launched or tweaked anything based on user feedbacks. Thats their weak point; they are a «growth company» with focus on just that. Growing fast. Why is it that just because they were one of the «first» brands on the streaming music scene that people don´t try out some of the others? What will it take? Permanent tinnitus for you or worse your children, hearing loss or perhaps that you kill one of your pets? I seriously must say I am baffled that people still comment on this bug as if it will be fixed almost 3 years later in a still open and unanswered thread IN THEIR OWN FORUM! As you can read in my previous posts it is even more frightening that the Connect app works from outside your house. CAN YOU IMAGINE if you set this bug off while being away without knowing??? Your children being home alone after school etc? Come on - use your head! I write this because I CARE, I live with tinnitus and hearing loss every day and boy: if I can just save one soul from not repeating my mistakes I am very happy indeed. 


If you want the Connect features just plug in the Google ChromeCast Audio dongle and you have it all! You then can set your HIFI volume to X (for example 50%) and use the ChromeCast Audio volume slider on your phone from 0% to 50% (Max allowed from HIFI). AND you can then still use your phone / tablet for everything else while the music is playing: JUST like Connect was intended to do. Both Tidal and Google Music with a lot of other audio apps like TuneIn etc support ChromeCast and probably many more. Spotify even supports it but seriously? WILL YOU CONTINUE TO USE SPOTIFY??? As long as connect are paired it is «a time bomb» and an accident bound to happen. Maybe not from your phone but from one of your kids, etc. You CAN block Connect in your router firewall (if it supports it - read my earlier posts) but again SERIOUSLY STOP USING SPOTIFY!


Apple Music, Tidal HIFI or Google Music. They all have their strengths and weaknesses but for me Google Music not only let me enjoy my music safely without being scared of seeing more of this «go to max volume» **bleep** but even seems better overall as a service, and the app is as snappy and stable as the Spotify app. There are also 3rd party players on your Mac / PC if you prefer it to listening through the browser. I have some HIFI speakers connected to ChromeCast Audio dongles, some I use with bluetooth (from my iPad) and some with Airplay. 


I swapped to Google Music a long time ago and haven´t looked back. The radio part of Google Music (Radio stations based on songs) are also wonderful. Simple app, and better yet: able to upload my vinyls and old CD gems missing from the streaming library automatically - fantastic!


The best part of Spotify not caring is that I can write a mail like this in their own forum suggesting that people leave their product for lack of supporting their own community. THEY DO NOT CARE!


Be smart, avoid Spotify! -I will from now on unsubscribe to further mails on this topic as for me it is resolved permanently and safely for my family and my self by ditching Spotify. Be smart - preventive health actions are the only way to save your hearing when it comes to Spotify Connect by disconnecting! If enough people do just this THEY WILL CARE!


Have a wonderful 2017!


Hey @modz!


Thanks for reaching back out to us. We're sorry to hear you feel this way and to know you're still having trouble when using ConnectRest assured we take all your feedback and comments seriously and will pass these on to the teams backstage.


In the meantime, make sure that you're rocking the latest versions of Spotify, operating system and firmware for your device. 


Thanks for bearing with us.

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