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Last song in queue list is not shown

Last song in queue list is not shown






iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS 14 (but this bug has been there a reeeeally long time!)


My Question or Issue

Steps to reproduce bug:

Start iOS Spotify app, start an album playing, go to another song and queue it, tap the 'now playing' bar at the bottom, tap the queue button in the bottom right corner - this song will not be shown in the play queue but there will be a gap where it should be under "Next In Queue".

Then; go to another song and queue it, go back to look at the play queue - now the first song you queued is shown but the second one is not shown.

On top of that; Leave the queue screen open on your phone and queue a song from the desktop app (linked to the same account of course), look at the phone as you click to queue the song - you will see the song appear for a split second then disappear.

I have screenshots to upload but it seems even this forum is buggy too! Trying to upload a png and it says ".jpeg is not supported. Valid file types are: jpg, gif, pdf, png..."
So jpegs are supported but if you try and upload one it won't work but will tell you they're valid, even if you're actually trying to upload a png!? Come on now...

I'll put the files here and you can view them if you want: 

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U can try log out and after log in same account

Hi there @MattKefford,


Thanks for reaching out in the Community about this.


Could you try running a clean reinstall of the app on all your devices, following the steps in this guide. This process will make sure you're running the latest app versions and that there are no issues caused by corrupted cache across devices.


Let us know how you get on.

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