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[Latest iOs, iphone5s] Not synching local files+Not showing up under devices

[Latest iOs, iphone5s] Not synching local files+Not showing up under devices

My music was scrambled all over my pc and spotifyt wasn't synching to my phone. I figured that if I'd relocate and reorganise them they should be able to sync. To no avail.


What I tried:


Memory: 30-ish gb left, 2gb music to sync - shouldn't be the problem.

Connected to the same WiFi as my computer - didnt work

Connect with a usb cable to my computer - didnt work

Played with airplane mode on/off etc. - didnt work.

Reinstalled iPhone app&desktop app - didnt work

Checked premium status - is active

iOs uptodate- Yes

spotify app latest version - yes

spotify desktop latest version - yes




**bleep** me right? Can anyone throw me some ideas. I pretty much looked everywhere on the forum but nothing solved my problem.

2 Replies

All firewalls on your PC disabled (as well as on your router)?

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Thank you for your answer.


How can I disable those in my router? Through the standard gateway?

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