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Linking Problem



I am using ios iphone and ipad and have spotify premium account.


I have an album which I want my local version of the song transferred to my iphone/ipad. I have added it to spotify, and it plays the correct local version on my laptop. When I sync this to the phone to be available offline, it links on track to a different version of the same song. 


This is pretty annoying since all the other songs work. I have tried re-linking it and unlinking it again, as well as deleting the playlist again and creating it from scratch from the local version, yet this one track remains linked to one in spotifies online library. 


In fact, as it sits now, I dont have my local files synced to my iphone, and the playlist in question still has the one track available online, whilst the rest all say, Require Sync. 


Any ideas?





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Hello Adam,

Hmm, odd. Is your iPad / iPhone showing up under devices when trying to sync your local files at all?

A full set of local file instructions can be found here -
Airhorn Enthusiast

Yes they do. And virtually all my local files transfer correctly.



Same problem, really annoying (it's like the ONE thing keeping me from only using Spotify)

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