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Local Files will not sync to my iPhone SE

Local Files will not sync to my iPhone SE







(iPhone SE, MacBook Pro 2020)

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(iOS 10, MacOS Big Sur)


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I just uploaded a ton of new local files to my laptop and they work great. Despite this, not only are they not downloading to my phone (same wifi, I had previously enabled sync, I was downloading the playlists with the local files and following all of the steps) but my phone now no longer even shows an option to sync with my laptop. Under the local files tab, it now only shows the option to sync with the Apple Music application on my phone (which I haven't used in 5+ years). I've restarted the app and nothing. I want to avoid deleting and redownloading the app because of all the playlist redownloading that will come alongside it, but I don't know what options I have and based on other complaints I've seen I'm not sure it will even work. This all started with the most recent update, worth mentioning.

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Hi @pokeshulk,


Thanks for getting in touch about this. 


Just to confirm, have you tried following these steps?


Changing tunes, make sure your iPhone is running the iOS 13 version or above in order to prevent compatibility issues.


Lastly, check if the files aren't DMR (Digital Rights Management) protected. In case you're importing your songs from iTunes, you can check if your tunes are DRM protected tracks here.


We'll be here in case anything else comes up.

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Same issue - I have an album on CD that I have ripped to mp3 so no DRM and it plays on spotify on the PC/laptop ok but not on mobile. I get a message to say it is not downloaded and then instructions to sync which do nothing. "Mark the playlist of offline Sync - there is no button for that but i gather all i do is download as the documentation is out of date. Basically it does not work. I am on the same network FYI

Hi @zathrus-gb!


Check if Spotify is allowed to access local network by going to your iPhone's settings > Privacy > Local Network. After that, try downloading the playlist again. In case the playlist still won't download, reinstall the app by following the steps here, enable the sync from Desktop in the app's settings > Local Files (make sure to allow Spotify to access your Local Network again) and download the playlist once again.


Let us know how it goes.



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I have the same issue as her/him. I've tried every solution I can find online too but it is still not working. 

Hey there,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


Not long ago we've introduced some changes on how the Local Files are moved between devices. Currently there is no option to sync the files between devices through the Spotify app. The files must be present on the device you want to play them on. This way they'll show up in the app. More info on how to do that you can find here.


Hope this helps,



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