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Local file not showing up on mobile app when it's downloaded on desktop app

Local file not showing up on mobile app when it's downloaded on desktop app

I followed all the steps in this article to get a song from my desktop onto the local files on my desktop Spotify app, but when I try to get the playlist with the songs on it to my iPhone mobile Spotify app, nothing shows up and it says that the song isn't downloaded, even though the playlist with it in it is downloaded on both my desktop and mobile Spotify apps. Why is it not showing up on my mobile app, and what can I do to get it to show up? I've already made sure that I'm on the same wifi network, both apps are updated, the file type is supported, there's enough storage space on my app and my device, and I've tried logging out and logging in again. 



Premium Family





iPhone 11 and Dell Inspiron 5491

Operating System

iOS 13.5.01


My Question or Issue


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Mobile app with the local file not showing up.PNG
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Hey @catherinemont99,


Thanks for reaching out about this and for trying all those steps already.


First off, could you confirm that that the local file plays normally on your PC, including when downloaded onto the device for offline listening?


If so, we'd suggest performing a clean reinstall of the app on your iPhone. This tends to resolve a lot of common issues our users have.


If that doesn't work, let us know and we'll see what we can suggest next.


Thanks - keep us posted!

Yes- I have the same issue. I'm going round in circles.  I uploaded a CD onto my laptop (Spotify doesn't have it), moved the MP3 files into Local files where they play fine. Created a playlist (set to download) and the songs play OK here as well. Then I go to my iPhone to sync and the tracks are greyed out and nothing seems to work- you get this irritating message telling you to "mark the playlist for offline sync" - there is no such option offered unless this simply means download- if it does mean that why not say so?  I'm a premium subscriber, phone and laptop are on same wifi, I've reinstalled the App, tried creating local wi-fi network. In fact I think I've watched every Youtube tutorial and read lots of posts and nothing works.. I thought it was working yesterday when the download symbol was going round and round but after 40 mins I decided it wasn't going to happen.

It works for a lot of people but how can there be so many different "fixes" and suggestions for a procedure which, on the face of it, seems straightforward?

I suspect I'll just have to forget all about it and think of switching to another service as this functionality looks quite useful.....


Yes, it plays on my desktop with no issue and it plays when it is downloaded for offline listening, as it shows in the first image on my original question. I reinstalled the app on my phone and it's the same issue of none of the songs from the playlist appearing on my phone. What should I do now?

Mobile app with the local file not showing up.PNG

This won’t solve the problem but you should at least see the songs on your phone if you go to the gear wheel symbol and scroll down to playback. Then scroll down again and toggle off the “Hide unplayable songs”. 
My songs appeared but they are still greyed out and I cannot get them to come alive but the songs should be there which is one step further......

Thanks for this! It's still grayed out for me too, but I am glad to see the song show up on my phone at least. Next step is ungraying it and making it playable...

I sense we may be waiting for some time....!

I as well have this same problem.
I'm able to download and play local files on my ipad (which is an older iPad2) but I can not with my iphone SE (2020).

Hey there @ZimmermansWay!


Thanks for reaching out to us about this. We'll be happy to help you out.


First, we'll need to know if everything looks okay with your local files on your desktop - are you able to see them and play them as usual?


We'd recommend taking a look at this page to see what you can try to re-sync the tracks. It's also a good idea to try using a different network, for example starting a hotspot on your phone and using that.


Then we'd recommend logging out from your phone > restarting it > logging back in.


We'll be on the lookout for your reply! Let us know if you have any questions.

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Tried everything suggested but the local file created playlist on the desktop version of Spotify still doesn’t synch with the iPhone so I can still only listen to it on the desktop. Playlist appears on the phone but remains greyed out even after downloading.

I think I have to accept that this feature simply doesn’t work so I think I’ll abandon pursuing this one...

Same here

i'm facing this problem to

IPhone XR & OnePlus5

Same Wifi network - even trought hotspot

no firewall

local files are working on PC even if i'm offline

Made a playlist with a single track to sync it to my phone, but it remains grey even if i try to download.

But this feature still worked for me last year :((((

Hey there folks,


thanks for sharing your info with the community.


Could you try to delete the song from both your Desktop and mobile apps. Then log out and back in on both devices. Make sure they're turned on and logged into Spotify. After that try reuploading the song on your PC and check if it shows up on your phone.


We'll be on the lookout for your replies. Thanks.

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