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Local file songs not showing up on ios mobile app at all

Local file songs not showing up on ios mobile app at all







(iPhone 7, Computer is HP Spectre 360

Operating System

(iOS 13.4.1, Windows 10 ver 1909)


I can't get mt local file music to sync over to my mobile app.

the top picture is showing the local file song on the top of this playlist.

I also made a playlist with just local file songs only that is shown in the second photo.

Then you can see in the third and four images that none of the local file music is syncing over to my iPhone.

I tried signing out and signing back in on both devices. I checked my firewall and everything should work but it is not.

Screenshot (203).pngJust local files music playlistJust local files music playlistsame local files only playlist on iphone not showing any musicsame local files only playlist on iphone not showing any musicother playlist not showing local files song at top on iphone appother playlist not showing local files song at top on iphone app


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Hey there @albertscecilee


Thanks for reaching out - we’re here to help!

First thing we'd suggest is changing the source of the local files on your PC.


Simply create a new folder in a different directory on the PC and move your local files to this folder. Then just delete the old folder used for the local files. Now you can try importing the files again. 


Check out this help page for further tips on how to manage your local files. If it doesn’t do the trick, we’ll provide you with further help. 

Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.  

I tried that and it still is not working. and I also checked out the
webpage you linked and that did not help either. I also uninstalled and
reinstalled Spotify on my computer and reconnected my local file folder and
it still did not work.

Hey @albertscecilee


Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

No worries, we won't give up that quickly. Do you have the possibility to log in to your Spotify account on another PC and try importing the files to your phone again?


Just check if you observe the same and if it doesn't occur on a different device, we'd suggest making sure that your original device is up to speed with any software updates available.


Hope this helps. Keep us posted. 

Ok so I tried it on a different laptop and it still doesn't work. It would
show up on the computer but not at all on the phone

Hey @albertscecilee


Thanks for getting back to us.

In some situations a clean (more thorough) reinstall of the app might be needed. This way you can start afresh with Spotify on your device. Make sure you perform it on your iPhone.    


Check out this help page in order to find the steps for clean reinstall on the affected device. 


Hope this helps. We'll look out for your reply. 

ok so I went through the page you sent me to completely delete to the app
and reinstalled it and the songs are still not showing up

I am still having the problem

I just recently unchecked the hide unplayable able songs so now my local file songs are showing up in my playlist but they are grayed out and I can't play them of downloading them.

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