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Spotify Connect Devices Unavailable

Spotify Connect Devices Unavailable

Plan: Premium

Country: USA

Device: iPhone 11 Pro Max

Operating System: iOS 13.4.1


My Question or Issue:

I cannot get the Echo devices and groups in my home to show up in my Spotify Connect list of devices.

The other person in my home is signed in to the Alexa app and has connected their Spotify account. They can open Spotify and see our home devices in the Connect menu.

I have tried the list of things below and cannot get any different results:

  1. Delete Spotify app & related data through Clean Install of App instructions- no change 
  2. Install Alexa app and log in to my account - Spotify Skill is Enabled, but linked to the other Person's account. I can play Spotify music through the Alexa app, but not through the Spotify app. 
  3. Delete Alexa app and related data 
  4. Disconnect/reconnect to home WiFi, including forgetting the network on my phone and re-connecting
  5. Multiple re-starts of devices (my phone, her phone, router, etc.)
  6. If I unlink Spotify in the Alexa app and re-link it using my account, then I am able to see the devices, but the other person in my household cannot and the same steps performed above to not fix the issue.


It seems to be that only one of us can have the Spotify Connect devices show up because we are both connected to the same Spotify Family and Amazon account. Other people not in our family can access the Spotify Connect menu and our home devices when they are connected to our WiFi network. 

We have multiple Alexa / Echo devices - none of them show up. We also have multiple rooms set up - none of them show up. It is an all-or-nothing situation where the one person who has Spotify & Alexa connected can see all devices and the other person sees none.

Is there a way that I can completely disassociate my phone from our Alexa account so that I can play music using Spotify Connect to our home devices on our home WiFi? I'm not sure what I'm missing here, but nothing I've found in multiple forums has helped to resolve.


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do you have the possibility to have multiple Amazon accounts on your Echos? If so, please try to add another with your account details and your Spotify account and see if both of you can use Spotify Connect.

If my post solved your issue, please accept it as a solution.

This is not possible - there is a lot of documentation out there stating that only one account can be connected to Alexa devices at a time. It is possible to switch back and forth within the Alexa app but that is not what I'm looking to do as it is extremely tedious and not a good user experience.

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