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Local files not downloading to iPad or iPhone

Local files not downloading to iPad or iPhone


Plan Premium

Device iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS 11.4, Windows 10



I wanted to add a new song (local file from windows 10 desktop) to my playlists in my other devices. I did as usual and the song played on my iPhone (but neither on my iPad or on the desktop app on win10) and the previous local files I had downloaded to my devices also stopped playing (they do play on desktop version though). They appear as if they’d been downloaded but when I played them they’re just skipped.


1 Reply

Hey @Fjassadi,


It might be a good idea to add the files on your PC to another folder, and use that folder as a source of local files for the app. After that, re-synchronize your devices by downloading the local files to your mobile device, preferably using a mobile hotspot to ensure the download goes well. 


If that doesn't work, make sure your Spotify apps are up-to-date


Lastly, if nothing works, go to your account page and remove all your offline devices. This means that you have to download your music again. 


Let us know how it goes 🙂


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