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Local files not showing up on iPhone

Local files not showing up on iPhone

Hello, I have an iTunes album that I have been trying to import onto Spotify for a while now. The songs show up on my Spotify's local files section but the problem is when I move this to a playlist the songs don't even show up on my iPhone. I have a playlist titled the name of said album and I have it set to download but when I pull it up on my iPhone it just says, "Want to add songs to this playlist?" and does not register my local files.

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Having a very similar problem.  I have a whole live album on my PC under Local Files, and have added every song to my playlist, but when I go to play 2 specific songs on my Galaxy S8, it plays the studio versions of said songs. Everything plays fine on my PC, and have the 2 songs saved and downloaded to both. Tried uninstalling, re syncing.


Edit: I just noticed that this is under the iOS section, but couldn't find out how to post a new thread. 😕

I just figured this out! You have to go to the more menu in the upper-right hand corner and tap "download" even though nothing is on the screen. Then the songs will begin to download.

I'm having exactly the same problem. Followed the exact method, but no local files at all are appearing on my iPhone. Considering this is one of the main reasons I have premium, need a fix ASAP.

Thanks a bunch! I had that exact problem and assumed I broke Spotify. Made a forum account just to say thanks!





that was so helpful - I have been trying to solve this issue for so long and you solved it! thank you!!!

This solution doesn't seem to work for me. The playlists stay empty containing the "Want to add songs to this playlist?"-question even when I try to download them. Been struggling with this for months, so frustrating. 

Yeah this still hasn’t solved my issue. 


As you can see in image 1, there are two local files in the playlist (the 1st and 4th songs) on the desktop version. 


In image 2, which is a screenshot from my phone, they are nowhere to be found.


I am on the same WiFi and have downloaded the playlist/ made it available offline. 


Any help much appreciated!!!


That fix worked great for me, thank you! I have been frustrated with the issue for a long time and appreciate your solution!!

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