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Lock button acts as play button


Lock button acts as play button


I’ve encountered a bug that really bothers me.

I have a Premium account


iPhone X

Operating System

iOS 12.2

My Question or Issue

Whenever I pause my music and lock my phone, the music starts playing again. It’s like as if the lock button was a “play” button. It doesn’t happen if the phone locks itself on it’s own. This had never happened to me until I updated my iOS, so maybe it has something to do with that. Also, this bug only happens in Spotify, all my other apps that play music don’t cause this issue.

I hope this bug will be fixed soon.

Thank you.


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Many more people have this problem. Have a look at this thread. It is the same problem with already more than 500 people with the same problem.

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Hey @droid276! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That's doesn't sound cool.

Have you tried reinstalling your app to see if that fixes this issue? If not here's a step by step tutorial.


Let me know if that helps, thanks! ^^


Mine is doing the same thing and it’s SO aggravating! I don’t remember if it started before or after the iOS update though. 

*Following thread for a solution*

I can confirm the same issue on iOS 12.2 with the iPhone XS Max.  

I found another thread where people had the same issue. Deleting the app and re-downloading it fixed the issue for me. Didn’t have to restart my phone either. 


Hope it helps!

I have the same problem. I already deleted and reinstalled spotify. It worked well for a day and now having the same problem again. I already called the support from apple but they told me I should contact spotify. I hope this is the correct place to do so.


My problem occurs on a iPhone X on the latest SW 12.2.

Same thing.

IPhone X - ios 12.2  

Spotify -

Same issue here. Deleting and reinstalling the app seems to only be a temporary fix - just as killing the app and restarting it does too. It’s not a constantly present problem but once it emerges it won’t stop until the app is force killed. Starting the app again and the problem will be fixed for some time but then re-emerges.


iPhone XS on iOS 12.2

Have the same problem on 12.2 with an iPhone XS Max.


Problem is super easy to produce.


I use Spotify in the car over Bluetooth.  Once I exit the car and the audio stops playing, if I grab my phone and do anything with it, once I hit the power/lock button on my phone, the music begins playing from the phone again.


It’s super annoying.  Doesn’t matter what I do, browsing the web, checking the weather, etc.  the moment I hit the power/lock button, music will play.  It will do this over and over until I force quit the Spotify app, which is my workaround for now.  Just have to remember to force quit it once I turn off and exit the car.


I have the same issue 

IPhone X 

Hi, sorry for not replying earlier, but the bug stopped happening for some reason, so I thought it somehow fixed itself. Unfortunately it started happening again and reinstalling the app nor restarting the phone didn’t work. Thanks for looking into this.

chiming in to say I’m also having the same issue on iPhone XS Max latest update. Other user seemed to pinpoint that it’s when I disconnect from my car - I’m using hardwire connection via usb. 

Hi, I’ve got this problem too 😞 just reinstalled app fix is for a few hours now it’s broken again!


iPhone X

Same issue on both my iphone x and iphone xs max. seems like a bug more that reinstallation wouldn't solve. app just updated and problem still persist.

Just adding to the list of impacted users...

I have the same problem - reinstalling only fixes it temporarily and then it comes back.


Please fix this ASAP it is so annoying.  I tried the Amazon Music app and it does not happen on that app, so it is specific to Spotify.


It can’t be anything to do with a car as I don’t have a car that plays music, in fact I have Bluetooth permanently turned off on my mobile phone, the only way I listen to music is with the wired headphones that come with my iPhone. 


I have veen been experiencing the issue since I installed Spotify on my iPhone XR. 

The same problem with me, have done a factory reset on my phone and problem persists! 

Same problem.

iPhone Xr

iOS 12.2.

reinstalling the app doesn’t help and restarting it neither. Just temporarily option to fix it and then it happen again

Same issue here. iPhoneX - iOS 12.2


Happens whenever I use bluetooth or USB and disconnect. Very obnoxious and embarassing at work. Fix right now please.

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