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[Mobile][Other] Get rid of ad

[Mobile][Other] Get rid of ad

Every time the ad comes up on the Spotify App on my iPhone it freezes up everything and I have to log off then log back on to get it moving.  It's only with this ad.  Please either remove the ad or fix it.



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YES! I came here because this is happening to me! I immediately go to Pandora or iTunes. Every time that ad comes on, I have to get out of Spotify.

I have the exact same problem with match. I was going to switch to premium but not if this keeps happening with no way to lodge an issue directly with Spotify . I tried deleting and reinstalling 3 times chafing languages but to no. Avail. Pandora here I come.

I encountered the same issue. I removed and reinstalled the app, same issue Removed the Spotify app....

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