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Music Playing When iPhone Power Button Pressed

Music Playing When iPhone Power Button Pressed





Iphone XS Max

Operating System




Any time i pause my music and then press the RHS button on my Iphone and the screen turns off the music starts playing again. This happens everytime unless i have a bluetooth headset connected. 



1. Pause Music

2. Press RHS Off Button on Iphone

3. Music starts playing again. 


Can only stop process by closing spotify app fully. 


Any help on this would be appreciated. 


Just updating this to say it’s been over a week and no community manager has even attempted to follow up on this...


13 Replies

Same thing! This started last week. Is very annoying 

This happens to me too all of a sudden within the last month or so. I listen on my phone and on my work computer. When I step out of my truck after turning it off, it'll light up my phone screen and pause the music then when i lock my phone screen the music will start playing again. And sometimes it won't recognize that I'm in my vehicle and play through my work computer as well. Hope someone with Spotify can reply or fix this one quickly

I just started getting the same issue. I hope this gets fixed soon, it’s getting annoying.

I was going nuts all weekend thinking that somehow I was causing accidental touch inputs. Then while at my desk this morning when locking my iPhone X music started playing. As a product designer that has to QA the living **bleep** out of what my developers build this is a seriously edge case weird bug. I'm not even sure how they got this to happen, but as the joke goes "it's a feature." A very annoying "feature."



Same problem here.  I have to kill the app to break this loop of insanity.

Being in the mobile design and QA world friends and I did some further digging. Fortunatley, he had an X that hadn't been updated to 12.2 yet, but had the same version of the Spotify app (latest) as me. He couldn't replicate and called shenanigans on me until realize he wasn't on 12.2. Updated and sure enough he experienced the same thing we all are. Now the question is what changed in iOS 12.2 that's causing this and is it something that's a bug in iOS or Spotify's app. We're leaning towards something in iOS is the cause. 

Can also second this. Is extremely annoying. The only way I can have my phone locked/put it to sleep without music playing is if I close the whole Spotify app. With the app open, and music stopped, I can’t lock my phone or put it to sleep without music playing everytime I press the power button.

The power button is acting as a play button but not a stop button. You can’t stop the music with it, it only starts playing when you press it. Which as you can imagine is very annoying as obviously that power button is used a lot more than the play button.


iPhone X 64GB

iOS 12.1.4



Happens regardless what I do/change if the app is open.

I too have the same problem and its with a iPhone XR. Its really annoying, please fix the glitch

I had this problem and was looking on this page just early today. I was using a Bluetooth speaker and when I turned it off, thus disconnecting my phone, the problem stopped and I can now pause and turn off my phone without it playing again. 

I have this exact same problem!  It is so annoying.  It does not require I have a bluetooth headset connected though - I can turn off bluetooth and it still happens.  I tried shutting off the phone and turning it back on and it still happens.


The only thing that temporarily fixes it that I have found is to delete the Spotify app entirely and reinstall it.  This fixes it for awhile - but eventually it starts happening again.


This is specific to the Spotify app as it does not happen with the Amazon Music app.

It happens regardless, if the app is open. When you aren’t listening to music, fully close the app.
Not much else you can do until they fix it

I’m getting the same problem with my iPhone XR. I’ve closed the app and I’ve re downloaded it nothing seems to work. Please fix this bug 

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