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Music on my mobile device pauses when internet connectivity is restored

Music on my mobile device pauses when internet connectivity is restored

Product: iOS 8.4.46 + MacOS
Reproduction Steps:

1) Open both the iOS and MacOS apps logged into the same Spotify account. I have a premium subscription but this shouldn't make a difference.

2) On iOS play a song for a few seconds, then pause it

3) "Force quit" the iOS app

4) Switch iOS into airplane mode

5) On MacOS continue playing the song for a few seconds, then pause it

6) Re-open the iOS app and continue playing the song

7) Turn off airplane mode on iOS
Expected results: Song should continue playing on my iOS device with no interruption.
Actual results: Song pauses and a dialog asks me if I would like to play the song on my desktop. I experience this bug twice per day because there is no cellular service in my parking garage. Once I get out onto the street Spotify reconnects and pauses my music and I need to unlock my phone to interact with the dialog box.
Note that I am *not* trying to play music at the same from both devices. I pause on MacOS, and then later press play on iOS. My iOS device will still interrupt the music asking me if I want to play music on my laptop even though I literally just pressed play on iOS 30 seconds ago.
I had a brief conversation about this with a Spotify support representative via their online chat interface and was told that there was nothing they could do. I asked them to cancel my premium subscription because it's been driving me crazy and they were like "sure, done" which I honestly wasn't expecting considering I've been a subscriber for 4 years but I guess I have to switch music providers now.

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