Music stops playing when iPhone locked or app is closed


Music stops playing when iPhone locked or app is closed

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I use Spotify in my car a lot, but in order to save battery I turn the screen off (the phone is in a stand) but recently the app will stop playing music when the app is closed (hitting the home button) or when the phone is locked I am a spotify Premium subscriber so I don't know why this is happening?? 


has anybody else had this issue?? 

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Is it playing to the car via bluetooth or by a wired connection?

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I've been having the same issue. It started today and I play it via an aux cable. It even does it while I have my headset on at my desk at work.

Does anyone have suggestions??

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It was through an aux connection, but it kept bugging out, I switched to Bluetooth for that journey and it worked, however yesterday it had magically fixed itself and started working normally again, it was really bizarre~