Musics stops after 5 seconds

Musics stops after 5 seconds




iPhone X 


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When i start my musics, it will play for 5 seconds and then drastically stop. I tried to change the song but I need to wait a few minutes before trying again. Even when I’m connected on a Bluetooth device I have the same issue. I need help!!!


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This is not expected behavior for sure, so I'll try to give you some tips to resolve it. First off it's worthwhile restarting the app (to log out and then to log back in) twice in a row. This may sound odd but it's how the app does a refresh. See if this will shake things up and make the songs play as expected.

If the above doesn't do the trick for you, then we suggest to perform a clean reinstall. This install process is more thorough than the normal one and ensures that no cached data will cause interference with the new installation of your app. Hope this will resolve the situation and you'd be able to enjoy your music normally. 

Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

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It seems that Spotify has added an entry into the "hosts" file on my computer that is conflicting with the deskop app.


In my case this resolved the issue (close Spotify before doing this on all devices)

1. Browse to the following location on your computer:C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc

2. Copy "hosts" to your desktop to make a backup to work with.

3. Right click on the "hosts" file on your desktop and select "open with"

4. Select "notepad"

5. Your computers hosts file will now open.

6. scroll down to the bottom and delete anything related to spotify.

7. Copy this file from your desktop back to your C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc folder and replace the file located there.

8. Open Spotify and your songs will now play for longer than 6 seconds.

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I hope following the above steps resolve the problem for anyone that has it, in my case it's working flawlessley now.

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